G4023 περιέχω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to encompass, embrace, surround
I contain, seize
(a) I contain (of a book containing subject matter); hence: it stands (has its content) thus, (b) I encompass, surround, get hold of, seize.
to hold all around, i.e. include, clasp (figuratively)
Derivation: from G4012 and G2192;

KJV Usage: + astonished, contain, after (this manner).

G4012 G2192
1) to surround, encompass
1a) to contain: of the subject-matter, contents, of a writing
1b) to take possession of, to seize

From G4012 and G2192; to hold all around, that is, include, clasp (figuratively)

KJV Usage: + astonished, contain, after [this manner].

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3 occurrences of G4023 περιέχω

Luke 5:9 was astonished,
Acts 23:25 after
1 Peter 2:6 it is contained

Distinct usage

1 was astonished,
1 after
1 it is contained

Corresponding Hebrew Words

peri echo H247 azar
peri echo* H661 aphaph
peri echo H3803 katar pi.
peri echo H5341 natsar
peri echo H5362 naqaph hiph.
peri echo H6186 arakh hi.
peri echo H6822 tsaphah pi.
peri echo H7751 shut