G1941 ἐπικαλέομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I call by an additional name, appeal to
(a) I call (name) by a supplementary (additional, alternative) name, (b) mid: I call upon, appeal to, address.
to entitle; by implication, to invoke (for aid, worship, testimony, decision, etc.)
Derivation: middle voice from G1909 and G2564;

KJV Usage: appeal (unto), call (on, upon), surname.

G1909 G2564
1) to put a name upon, to surname
1a) to permit one's self to be surnamed
2) to be named after someone
3) to call something to one
3a) to cry out upon or against one
3b) to charge something to one as a crime or reproach
3c) to summon one on any charge, prosecute one for a crime
3d) to blame one for, accuse one of
4) to invoke
4a) to call upon for one's self, in one's behalf
4a1) any one as a helper
4a2) as my witness
4a3) as my judge
4a4) to appeal unto
5) to call upon by pronouncing the name of Jehovah
5a) an expression finding its explanation in the fact that prayers addressed to God ordinarily began with an invocation of the divine name

Middle voice from G1909 and G2564; to entitle; by implication to invoke (for aid, worship, testimony, decision, etc.)

KJV Usage: appeal (unto), call (on, upon), surname.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

see st. epi kaleo H2142 zakhar hi.
see st. epi kaleo H4672 matsa
see st. epi kaleo H5344 naqav ni.
see st. epi kaleo H6213 asah
(see st.) epi kaleo * H7121 liqrat
see st. epi kaleo H7121 qara qal,ni,pu
see st. epi kaleo H7760 sum
see st epi kaleo H7931 shakhan qal,pi
see st. epi kaleo H8036 shum