G1905 ἐπερωτάω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to inquire of, question, consult
I interrogate, question, demand of.
to ask for, i.e. inquire, seek
Derivation: from G1909 and G2065;

KJV Usage: ask (after, questions), demand, desire, question.

G1909 G2065
1) to accost one with an enquiry, put a question to, enquiry of, ask, interrogate
2) to address one with a request or demand
2a) to ask of or demand of one

From G1909 and G2065; to ask for, that is, inquire, seek

KJV Usage: ask (after, questions), demand, desire, question.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

ep erotao H1245 baqash pi.
ep erotao H1875 darash
ep erotao H6030 anah
ep erotao H7136 qarah ni.
ep erotao H7592 shaal qal.,pi.