G2007 ἐπιτίθημι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to lay, put
I put, place upon, lay on
I put, place upon, lay on; I add, give in addition.
to impose (in a friendly or hostile sense)
Derivation: from G1909 and G5087;

KJV Usage: add unto, lade, lay upon, put (up) on, set on (up), + surname, X wound.

G1909 G5087
1) in the active voice
1a) to put or lay upon
1b) to add to
2) in the middle voice
2a) to have put on, bid to be laid on
2b) to lay or throw one's self upon
2c) to attack one, to make an assault on one

From G1909 and G5087; to impose (in a friendly or hostile sense)

KJV Usage: add unto, lade, lay upon, put (up) on, set on (up), + surname, X wound.

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First 30 of 41 occurrences of G2007 ἐπιτίθημι

Matthew 9:18 and lay
Matthew 19:13 he should put
Matthew 19:13 on
Matthew 19:15 he laid
Matthew 19:15 on
Matthew 21:7 put
Matthew 23:4 lay
Matthew 27:29 they put
Matthew 27:37 set up
Mark 3:16 he surnamed
Mark 3:17 he surnamed
Mark 4:21 be set
Mark 5:23 lay
Mark 6:5 that he laid
Mark 7:32 put
Mark 8:23 and put
Mark 8:25 that he put
Mark 16:18 they shall lay
Luke 4:40 he laid
Luke 4:40 on
Luke 8:16 setteth
Luke 10:30 wounded
Luke 13:13 he laid
Luke 13:13 on
Luke 15:5 it, he layeth
Luke 23:26 and on
Luke 23:26 they laid
John 9:15 He put
John 19:2 and put it on
Acts 6:6 they laid

Distinct usage

10 on
4 he laid
3 lay
3 they laid
2 put
2 he surnamed
2 putting
2 laid
2 shall add
1 and lay
1 he should put
1 they put
1 set up
1 be set
1 that he laid
1 and put
1 that he put
1 they shall lay
1 setteth
1 wounded
1 it, he layeth
1 and on
1 He put
1 and put it on
1 I lay
1 to put
1 to lay upon
1 when they had laid
1 shall lay hands on
1 had laid

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see sun epi tithemi H247 azar
epi tithemi H935 bo
epi tithemi H1481 gur
epi tithemi H2102 zud qal,hi
epi tithemi H2161 zamam
epi tithemi H3034 yadah pi.
epi tithemi H3332 yatsaq
epi tithemi H3369 yaqosh
epi tithemi H3947 laqach
epi tithemi H5108 niv
epi tithemi H5117 nuach hi.
epi tithemi H5130 nuph hi.
see sun epi tithemi H5234 nakhar pi.
epi tithemi H5307 naphal hithpa.
epi tithemi H5375 nasa
epi tithemi H5414 natan qal.,ni.
epi tithemi H5437 savav hi.
epi tithemi H5564 samakh
epi tithemi H5689 agav
epi tithemi H5927 alah hi.
epi tithemi H6006 amas
epi tithemi H6186 arakh
epi tithemi H6213 asah
epi tithemi H6485 paqad hi.
epi tithemi H6584 pashat
epi tithemi H6999 qatar hi.
epi tithemi H7194 qashar qal,hithpa
epi tithemi H7311 rum hi.
epi tithemi H7392 rakhav hi.
epi tithemi H7401 rakhakh pu.
epi tithemi H7737 shavah pi.
epi tithemi H7751 shut
epi tithemi H7760 sum
epi tithemi H7760 sum peal.
epi tithemi H7843 shachat hi.
see sun epi tithemi H7896 shit
see sun epi tithemi H7971 shalach