G1303 διατίθεμαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I appoint, make
(a) I appoint, make (of a covenant), (b) I make (a will).
to put apart, i.e. (figuratively) dispose (by assignment, compact, or bequest)
Derivation: middle voice from G1223 and G5087;

KJV Usage: appoint, make, testator.

G1223 G5087
1) to arrange, dispose of, one's own affairs
1a) of something that belongs to one
1b) to dispose of by will, make a testament
2) to make a covenant, enter into a covenant, with one

Middle voice from G1223 and G5087; to put apart, that is, (figuratively) dispose (by assignment, compact or bequest)

KJV Usage: appoint, make, testator.

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7 occurrences of G1303 διατίθεμαι

Luke 22:29 appoint
Luke 22:29 hath appointed
Acts 3:25 made
Hebrews 8:10 I will make
Hebrews 9:16 of the testator.
Hebrews 9:17 the testator
Hebrews 10:16 I will make

Distinct usage

2 I will make
1 appoint
1 hath appointed
1 made
1 of the testator.
1 the testator

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see dia tithemi H3772 karat
see dia tithemi H5414 natan
see dia tithemi H6680 tsavah pi.
see dia tithemi H6965 qum hi.
see dia tithemi H8003 shalem hi.