G4687 σπείρω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to sow
I sow, spread, scatter.
to scatter, i.e. sow (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: probably strengthened from G4685 (through the idea of extending);

KJV Usage: sow(- er), receive seed.

1) to sow, scatter, seed
2) metaph. of proverbial sayings

Probably strengthened from G4685 (through the idea of extending); to scatter, that is, sow (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: sow (-er), receive seed.

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First 30 of 42 occurrences of G4687 σπείρω

Matthew 6:26 they sow
Matthew 13:3 a sower
Matthew 13:3 to sow;
Matthew 13:4 sowed,
Matthew 13:18 of the sower.
Matthew 13:19 was sown
Matthew 13:19 he who received seed
Matthew 13:20 he that received the seed
Matthew 13:22 that received seed
Matthew 13:23 he that received seed
Matthew 13:24 who sowed
Matthew 13:25 sowed
Matthew 13:27 didst
Matthew 13:27 sow
Matthew 13:31 and sowed
Matthew 13:37 {\cf6 He that soweth
Matthew 13:39 that sowed
Matthew 25:24 thou hast
Matthew 25:24 sown,
Matthew 25:26 sown,
Mark 4:3 a sower
Mark 4:3 to sow:
Mark 4:4 he sowed,
Mark 4:14 {\cf6 The sower
Mark 4:14 soweth
Mark 4:15 is sown;
Mark 4:15 that was sown
Mark 4:16 who are sown
Mark 4:18 sown
Mark 4:20 they who are sown

Distinct usage

5 it is sown
3 he that soweth
2 a sower
2 sowed,
2 sow
2 sown,
2 soweth,
1 they sow
1 to sow;
1 of the sower.
1 was sown
1 he who received seed
1 he that received the seed
1 that received seed
1 he that received seed
1 who sowed
1 sowed
1 didst
1 and sowed
1 {\cf6 He that soweth
1 that sowed
1 thou hast
1 to sow:
1 he sowed,
1 {\cf6 The sower
1 soweth
1 is sown;
1 that was sown
1 who are sown
1 sown

Corresponding Hebrew Words

speiro H2219 zarah
speiro H2232 zara qal,ni,pu,hi
speiro H2236 zaraq
speiro H5080 nadach ni.
speiro H6327 puts qal,hi
speiro H6340 pazar pi.
speiro H7760 sum