G5015 ταράσσω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to stir, stir up, trouble
I agitate, stir up, trouble
I disturb, agitate, stir up, trouble.
to stir or agitate (roil water)
Derivation: of uncertain affinity;

KJV Usage: trouble.

1) to agitate, trouble (a thing, by the movement of its parts to and fro)
1a) to cause one inward commotion, take away his calmness of mind, disturb his equanimity
1b) to disquiet, make restless
1c) to stir up
1d) to trouble
1d1) to strike one's spirit with fear and dread
1e) to render anxious or distressed
1f) to perplex the mind of one by suggesting scruples or doubts

Of uncertain affinity; to stir or agitate (roil water)

KJV Usage: trouble.

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20 occurrences of G5015 ταράσσω

Matthew 2:3 these things, he was troubled,
Matthew 14:26 they were troubled,
Mark 6:50 were troubled.
Luke 1:12 him, he was troubled,
Luke 24:38 troubled?
John 5:4 troubled
John 5:7 is troubled,
John 11:33 was troubled,
John 12:27 is
John 12:27 troubled;
John 13:21 he was troubled
John 14:1 {\cf6 Let
John 14:1 be troubled:
John 14:27 Let
John 14:27 be troubled,
Acts 15:24 have troubled
Acts 17:8 they troubled
Galatians 1:7 trouble
Galatians 5:10 he that troubleth
1 Peter 3:14 be troubled;

Distinct usage

1 these things, he was troubled,
1 they were troubled,
1 were troubled.
1 him, he was troubled,
1 troubled?
1 troubled
1 is troubled,
1 was troubled,
1 is
1 troubled;
1 he was troubled
1 {\cf6 Let
1 be troubled:
1 Let
1 be troubled,
1 have troubled
1 they troubled
1 trouble
1 he that troubleth
1 be troubled;

Corresponding Hebrew Words

tarasso H926 bahal ni.,pi.
tarasso H943 bukh ni.
tarasso H1104 bala pi.
tarasso H1204 baat ni.
tarasso H1238 baqaq ni.
tarasso H1607 gaash qal,hithp
tarasso H1804 dalach
tarasso H1949 hum hi.
tarasso H1993 hamah
tarasso H2196 zaaph
tarasso H2287 chagag
tarasso H2342 chil qal,hithpalp
tarasso H2490 chalal
tarasso H2560 chamar qal,poalal
tarasso H2730 chared
tarasso H3648 kamar ni.
tarasso H3766 kara hi.
tarasso H3857 lahat
tarasso H3943 laphat ni.
tarasso H4102 mahah hithp.
tarasso H4116 mahar pi.
tarasso H4127 mug ni.
tarasso H4171 mur hi.
tarasso H4833 mirpas
tarasso H5074 nadad hithpo.
tarasso H5307 naphal hi.
tarasso H5503 sachar pilp.
tarasso H5753 avah pi.
tarasso H5791 avat pi.
tarasso H6206 arats hi.
tarasso H6244 ashesh
tarasso H6471 paam ni,hithp
tarasso H6504 parad hithpo.
tarasso H6670 tsahal
tarasso H6789 tsamat pilp.
tarasso H7043 qalal pilp.,hithpa
tarasso H7264 ragaz
tarasso H7280 raga
tarasso H7489 raa
tarasso H7493 raash
tarasso H7515 raphas
tarasso H7812 shachah hi.
tarasso H7817 shachach hithpo.
tarasso H7997 shalal hithpo.
tarasso H8074 shamem hithpo.
tarasso H8269 sar