H8269 שׂר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H8323; a head person (of any rank or class)

KJV Usage: captain (that had rule), chief (captain), general, governor, keeper, lord, ([-task-]) master, prince (-ipal), ruler, steward.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. prince, ruler, leader, chief, chieftain, official, captain
a. chieftain, leader
b. vassal, noble, official (under king)
c. captain, general, commander (military)
d. chief, head, overseer (of other official classes)
e. heads, princes (of religious office)
f. elders (of representative leaders of people)
g. merchant-princes (of rank and dignity)
h. patron-angel
i. Ruler of rulers (of God)
j. warden
Origin: from H8323
TWOT: 2295a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) prince, ruler, leader, chief, chieftain, official, captain
1a) chieftain, leader
1b) vassal, noble, official (under king)
1c) captain, general, commander (military)
1d) chief, head, overseer (of other official classes)
1e) heads, princes (of religious office)
1f) elders (of representative leaders of people)
1g) merchant-princes (of rank and dignity)
1h) patron-angel
1i) Ruler of rulers (of God)
1j) warden

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First 30 of 421 occurrences of H8269 שׂר

Genesis 12:15 The princes
Genesis 21:22 the chief captain
Genesis 21:32 the chief captain
Genesis 26:26 the chief captain
Genesis 37:36 and captain
Genesis 39:1 captain
Genesis 39:21 of the keeper
Genesis 39:22 And the keeper
Genesis 39:23 The keeper
Genesis 40:2 with the chief
Genesis 40:2 and with the chief
Genesis 40:3 of the captain
Genesis 40:4 And the captain
Genesis 40:9 And the chief
Genesis 40:16 When the chief
Genesis 40:20 of the chief
Genesis 40:20 and of the chief
Genesis 40:21 the chief
Genesis 40:22 the chief
Genesis 40:23 Yet the chief
Genesis 41:9 the chief
Genesis 41:10 in the captain
Genesis 41:10 both me and the chief
Genesis 41:12 to the captain
Genesis 47:6 rulers
Exodus 1:11 over them taskmasters
Exodus 2:14 a prince
Exodus 18:21 such over them, to be rulers
Exodus 18:21 and rulers
Exodus 18:21 rulers

Distinct usage

22 The princes
15 And the princes
14 the captain
13 and captains
11 captain
11 And the captains
10 the captains
10 the ruler
9 of the princes
8 princes,
7 captains
7 princes
7 the chief,
7 and all the captains
6 and princes
6 And his princes
5 rulers
5 and his princes,
5 all the princes
4 the chief
4 the governor
3 the chief captain
3 to the captain
3 and rulers
3 to the princes
3 of the captains
3 And it came to pass, when the captains
3 the rulers
3 and all the princes,
3 And all the princes
3 The Prince
3 and the princes,
3 Her princes
2 of the captain
2 And the captain
2 of the chief
2 with the princes
2 and to the princes
2 to thee, O captain.
2 captains.
2 to the captains
2 and of the princes,
2 and the rulers
2 to all his princes
2 and thy princes
2 their princes,
2 Therefore the princes
2 and the principal
2 and its princes,
2 our princes,
2 and chief
1 and captain
1 And the keeper
1 The keeper
1 When the chief
1 and of the chief
1 Yet the chief
1 over them taskmasters
1 a prince
1 to me: and the princes

Corresponding Greek Words

sar see G3175 st. megistan
sar G32 aggellos
sar G747 archegos
sar G758 archon
sar G935 basileus
sar G1240 dia dochos
sar G1413 dunastes
sar G1658 eleutheros
sar G1741 endoxos
sar G1784 entimos
sar G1988 epistates
sar G2232 hegemon
sar G2233 hegeomai
sar G3966 patriarches
sar G4755 strategos
sar G5015 tarasso
sar eleph G5506 chiliarchos
sar hammeot G1543 ekatontarches
sar meot G1543 ekatontarches
sar hammeot G3966 patriarches

Related words


H8282 שׂרה śârâh
Feminine of H8269; a mistress, that is, female noble

KJV Usage: lady, princess, queen.

H8297 שׂרי śâray
From H8269; dominative; Sarai, the wife of Abraham

KJV Usage: Sarai.

H8323 שׂרר śârar

A primitive root; to have (transitively exercise; reflexively get) dominion

KJV Usage: X altogether, make self a prince, (bear) rule.