G1294 διαστρέφω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to turn different ways, to twist about, distort
I pervert, corrupt, oppose
I pervert, corrupt, oppose, distort.
to distort, i.e. (figuratively) misinterpret, or (morally) corrupt
Derivation: from G1223 and G4762;

KJV Usage: perverse(-rt), turn away.

G1223 G4762
1) to distort, turn aside
1a) to oppose, plot against the saving purposes and plans of God
2) to turn aside from the right path, to pervert, corrupt

From G1223 and G4762; to distort, that is, (figuratively) misinterpret, or (morally) corrupt

KJV Usage: perverse (-rt), turn away.

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7 occurrences of G1294 διαστρέφω

Matthew 17:17
Luke 9:41
Luke 23:2
Acts 13:8
Acts 13:10
Acts 20:30
Philippians 2:15

Corresponding Hebrew Words

dia strepho H2015 haphakh hithpa.
dia strepho * H3510 kaev hi.
dia strepho H3512 kaah hi.
dia strepho * H5106 nu qal,hi
dia strepho H5186 natah hi.
dia strepho H5791 avat pi,pu,hithpa
dia strepho H5916 akhar
dia strepho H6127 aqal pu.
dia strepho H6140 aqash pi.
dia strepho H6544 para hi.
dia strepho H6617 patal hithpa.
dia strepho H6679 tsud pil.
dia strepho H8446 tur
dia strepho H8610 taphas