G1279 διαπορεύομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I journey through
I journey through (past).
to travel through
Derivation: from G1223 and G4198;

KJV Usage: go through, journey in, pass by.

G1223 G4198
1) to cause to pass through a place
2) to carry across
3) to journey through a place, go through
4) to travel through

From G1223 and G4198; to travel through

KJV Usage: go through, journey in, pass by.

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5 occurrences of G1279 διαπορεύομαι

Luke 6:1 went
Luke 13:22 he went
Luke 18:36 passing by,
Acts 16:4 they went through
Romans 15:24 in my journey,

Distinct usage

1 went
1 he went
1 passing by,
1 they went through
1 in my journey,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see st. dia poreuo H258 achad hithpa.
see st. dia poreuo H935 bo
see st. dia poreuo H1869 darakh hi.
see st. dia poreuo H1980 halakh qal,pi
see st. dia poreuo H3318 yatsa
see st. dia poreuo H5674 avar qal.,hi.
see st. dia poreuo H6388 peleg
see st. dia poreuo H7751 shut