H3332 יצק - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; properly to pour out (transitively or intransitively); by implication to melt or cast as metal; by extension to place firmly, to stiffen or grow hard

KJV Usage: cast, cleave fast, be (as) firm, grow, be hard, lay out, molten, overflow, pour (out), run out, set down, stedfast.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to pour, flow, cast, pour out
a. (Qal)
1. to pour, pour out
2. to cast
3. to flow
b. (Hiphil) to pour, pour out
c. (Hophal)
1. to be poured
2. cast, molten (participle)
3. being firmly established (participle)
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 897
Parts of Speech: Verb

to pour
1) to pour, flow, cast, pour out
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to pour, pour out
1a2) to cast
1a3) to flow
1b) (Hiphil) to pour, pour out
1c) (Hophal)
1c1) to be poured
1c2) cast, molten (participle)
1c3) being firmly established (participle)

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First 30 of 53 occurrences of H3332 יצק

Genesis 28:18 and poured
Genesis 35:14 on it, and he poured
Exodus 25:12 And thou shalt cast
Exodus 26:37 and thou shalt cast
Exodus 29:7 and pour
Exodus 36:36 and he cast
Exodus 37:3 And he cast
Exodus 37:13 And he cast
Exodus 38:5 And he cast
Exodus 38:27 were cast
Leviticus 2:1 and he shall pour
Leviticus 2:6 and pour
Leviticus 8:12 And he poured
Leviticus 8:15 and poured
Leviticus 9:9 and poured
Leviticus 14:15 and pour
Leviticus 14:26 shall pour
Leviticus 21:10 was poured,
Numbers 5:15 he shall pour
Joshua 7:23 and laid them out
1 Samuel 10:1 and poured
2 Samuel 13:9 and poured them out
2 Samuel 15:24 and they set down
1 Kings 7:16 of molten
1 Kings 7:23 a molten
1 Kings 7:24 when it was cast.
1 Kings 7:30 were molten
1 Kings 7:33 were all cast.
1 Kings 7:46 cast
1 Kings 18:33 and pour

Distinct usage

5 and pour
4 and poured
4 and he cast
2 And thou shalt cast
2 And he poured
2 a molten
2 cast
1 on it, and he poured
1 were cast
1 and he shall pour
1 shall pour
1 was poured,
1 and they set down
1 of molten
1 when it was cast.
1 were molten
1 were all cast.
1 ran out
1 who poured
1 and shalt pour out
1 the vessels to her; and she poured out.
1 Pour out
1 were cast,
1 yea, thou shalt be steadfast,
1 was overflowed
1 and as a molten
1 groweth
1 they are firm
1 is as firm
1 yea, as hard
1 For I will pour
1 I will pour
1 So they poured out
1 he shall pour
1 say they, cleaveth fast
1 is poured
1 and laid them out
1 and poured them out
1 and also pour

Corresponding Greek Words

yatsaq G1325 didomi
yatsaq G1607 ek poreuo
yatsaq G1643 elauno
yatsaq G2007 epi tithemi
yatsaq G2698 kata tithemi
yatsaq G2708 kata cheo
yatsaq G4078 pegnumi
yatsaq hi. G5087 tithemi
yatsaq qal,hi G2476 histemi
yatsaq qal,hoph G1632 ek cheo
yatsaq qal,pi,hiph G2022 epi cheo

Related words


H3333 יצקה ye tsûqâh
ye tsûqâh
Passive participle feminine of H3332; poured out, that is, run into a mould

KJV Usage: when it was cast.

H4164 מוּצק מוּצק mûtsaq mûtsâq
מוּצק מוּצק
mûtsaq mûtsâq
moo-tsak', moo-tsawk'
From H3332; narrowness; figuratively distress

KJV Usage: anguish, is straitened, straitness.

H4166 מצקה מוּצקה mûtsâqâh mûtsâqâh
מצקה מוּצקה
mûtsâqâh mûtsâqâh
moo-tsaw-kaw', moo-tsaw-kaw'
From H3332; properly something poured out, that is, a casting (of metal); by implication a tube (as cast)

KJV Usage: when it was cast, pipe.