G1614 ἐκτείνω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to stretch out
I stretch out, cast forth
I stretch out (forth), cast forth (as of an anchor), lay hands on.
to extend
Derivation: from G1537 and teino (to stretch);

KJV Usage: cast, put forth, stretch forth (out).

1) to stretch out, stretch forth
1a) over, towards, against one

From G1537 and τείνω teinō (to stretch); to extend

KJV Usage: cast, put forth, stretch forth (out).

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14 occurrences of G1614 ἐκτείνω

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Matthew 26:51
Mark 1:41
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Luke 5:13
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John 21:18
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Corresponding Hebrew Words

ek teino H2161 zamam
ek teino H2219 zarah pu.
ek teino H2421 chayah
ek teino H3447 yashat hi.
ek teino H3474 yashar
ek teino H4900 mashakh
ek teino H5186 natah qal,ni,hi
ek teino H5287 naar
ek teino H5375 nasa
ek teino H5428 natash
ek teino H6504 parad
ek teino H6566 paras qal.,pi.
ek teino H6584 pashat
ek teino H7159 qaram
ek teino H7311 rum hi.
ek teino H7971 shalach
ek teino H7971 shalach qal,pi,pu
ek teino H7993 shalakh hi.
ek teino H8446 tur hi.