G1807 ἐξαιρέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to take out of
I remove, choose, rescue
I take out, remove; sometimes (mid): I choose, sometimes: I rescue.
actively, to tear out; middle voice, to select; figuratively, to release
Derivation: from G1537 and G138;

KJV Usage: deliver, pluck out, rescue.

G1537 G138
1) to pluck out, draw out, i.e. root out
2) to choose out (for one's self), select, one person from many
3) to rescue, deliver

From G1537 and G138; active voice to tear out; middle voice to select; figuratively to release

KJV Usage: deliver, pluck out, rescue.

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8 occurrences of G1807 ἐξαιρέω

Matthew 5:29
Matthew 18:9
Acts 7:10
Acts 7:34
Acts 12:11
Acts 23:27
Acts 26:17
Galatians 1:4

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ex aireo H247 azar
ex aireo H977 bachar
ex aireo H1350 gaal
ex aireo H2502 chalats pi.
ex aireo H3318 yatsa hi.
ex aireo H3467 yasha hi.
ex aireo H3947 laqach ni.
ex aireo H4422 malat ni,pi
ex aireo H5337 natsal hi.
ex aireo H5341 natsar
ex aireo H5791 avat pi.
ex aireo H6403 palat pi.
ex aireo H6475 patsah
ex aireo H7287 radah
ex aireo * H7804 sheziv