G851 ἀφαιρέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to take from, take away from
I take away, smite off.
to remove (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: from G575 and G138;

KJV Usage: cut (smite) off, take away.

G575 G138
1) to take from, take away, remove, carry off
2) to cut off

From G575 and G138; to remove (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: cut (smite) off, take away.

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11 occurrences of G851 ἀφαιρέω

Matthew 26:51 and smote off
Mark 14:47 cut off
Luke 1:25 me, to take away
Luke 10:42 shall
Luke 10:42 be taken away
Luke 16:3 taketh
Luke 22:50 cut off
Romans 11:27 I shall take away
Hebrews 10:4 should take away
Revelation 22:19 shall take away
Revelation 22:19 shall take away

Distinct usage

2 cut off
2 shall take away
1 and smote off
1 me, to take away
1 shall
1 be taken away
1 taketh
1 I shall take away
1 should take away

Corresponding Hebrew Words

aph aireo H369 ayin
aph aireo H519 amah
aph aireo H622 asaph
aph aireo H680 atsal
aph aireo H1219 batsar
aph aireo H1438 gada ni.
aph aireo H1497 gazal qal,ni
aph aireo H1556 galal
aph aireo H1639 gara qal,ni
aph aireo H1819 damah
aph aireo H1920 hadaph
aph aireo H2498 chalaph
aph aireo H3381 yarad hi,ho
aph aireo H3722 kaphar pu.
aph aireo H3772 karat qal.,hi.
aph aireo H3947 laqach
aph aireo H3988 maas
aph aireo H4229 machah
aph aireo H4513 mana qal,ni
aph aireo H5130 nuph hi.
aph aireo H5186 natah hi.
aph aireo H5337 natsal hi.
aph aireo H5375 nasa
aph aireo H5493 sur qal,hi,ho
aph aireo H5545 salach
aph aireo H5595 saphah
aph aireo H5674 avar qal.,hi.
aph aireo H5710 adah pe,aph
aph aireo H6544 para
aph aireo H6584 pashat hi.
aph aireo H6605 patach pi.
aph aireo H7311 rum hi.,ho.
aph aireo H7368 rachaq
aph aireo H7673 shavat hi.
aph aireo H7971 shalach pu.