G615 ἀποκτείνω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to kill, slay
I put to death, kill
I put to death, kill; fig: I abolish.
to kill outright; figuratively, to destroy
Derivation: from G575 and κτείνω (to slay);

KJV Usage: put to death, kill, slay.

1) to kill in any way whatever
1a) to destroy, to allow to perish
2) metaph. to extinguish, abolish
2a) to inflict mortal death
2b) to deprive of spiritual life and procure eternal misery in hell

From G575 and κτείνω kteinō (to slay); to kill outright; figuratively to destroy

KJV Usage: put to death, kill, slay.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

apo kteino H2026 harag qal.,ni.
apo kteino H2763 charam hi.
apo kteino H4191 mut qal,pil,hi,ho
apo kteino H5221 nakhah hi.
apo kteino H5647 avad aph.
apo kteino H6202 araph
apo kteino H6293 paga
apo kteino H6789 tsamat hi.
apo kteino H6991 qatal
apo kteino H7971 shalach yad