G4750 στόμα - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
the mouth
the mouth, speech
the mouth, speech, eloquence in speech, the point of a sword.
the mouth (as if a gash in the face); by implication, language (and its relations); figuratively, an opening (in the earth); specially, the front or edge (of a weapon)
Derivation: probably strengthened from a presumed derivative of the base of G5114;

KJV Usage: edge, face, mouth.

1) the mouth, as part of the body: of man, of animals, of fish, etc.
1a) since thoughts of a man's soul find verbal utterance by his mouth, the "heart" or "soul" and the mouth are distinguished
2) the edge of a sword

Probably stregthened from a presumed derivative of the base of G5114; the mouth (as if a gash in the face); by implication language (and its relations); figuratively an opening (in the earth); specifically the front or edge (of a weapon)

KJV Usage: edge, face, mouth.

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First 30 of 72 occurrences of G4750 στόμα

Matthew 4:4 the mouth
Matthew 5:2 mouth,
Matthew 12:34 the mouth
Matthew 13:35 mouth
Matthew 15:8 mouth,
Matthew 15:11 the mouth
Matthew 15:11 the mouth,
Matthew 15:17 the mouth
Matthew 15:18 the mouth
Matthew 17:27 mouth,
Matthew 18:16 the mouth
Matthew 21:16 the mouth
Luke 1:64 mouth
Luke 1:70 the mouth
Luke 4:22 mouth.
Luke 6:45 mouth
Luke 11:54 mouth,
Luke 19:22 mouth
Luke 21:15 a mouth
Luke 21:24 by the edge
Luke 22:71 mouth.
John 19:29 mouth.
Acts 1:16 the mouth
Acts 3:18 the mouth
Acts 3:21 the mouth
Acts 4:25 the mouth
Acts 8:32 mouth:
Acts 8:35 mouth,
Acts 10:34 his mouth,
Acts 11:8 mouth.

Distinct usage

20 mouth
18 the mouth
11 mouth,
9 mouth.
3 mouth:
2 a mouth
2 his mouth,
2 face
1 the mouth,
1 by the edge
1 on the mouth.
1 with the mouth
1 have spoken
1 the mouths
1 the edge
1 mouths,
1 face,
1 face.
1 mouths
1 mouths.

Corresponding Hebrew Words

stoma H1697 davar
stoma H6310 peh
stoma H6433 pum
stoma H8193 saphah