Matthew 17:27

  27 G1161 { But, G2433 that G3363 lest G4626 0 we should cause G846 them G4624 [G5661] to stumble, G4198 [G5679] having gone G1519 to G3588 the G2281 sea, G906 [G5628] cast G44 an hook, G2532 and G142 [G5657] take G3588 the G4412 first G2486 fish G305 [G5631] ascending; G2532 and G455 [G5660] having opened G846 his G4750 mouth, G2147 [G5692] thou shalt find G4715 a piece of money: G1565 that G2983 [G5631] having taken, G1325 [G5628] give G846 to them G473 for G1700 me G2532 and G4675 thee.}