G1670 ἑλκύω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I drag, draw, pull, persuade
I drag, draw, pull, persuade, unsheathe.
or ἕλκω ; to drag (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: probably akin to G138;

KJV Usage: draw.

Compare G1667. G138 G1667
1) to draw, drag off
2) metaph., to draw by inward power, lead, impel

ἑλκύω, ἕλκω
helkuō helkō
hel-koo'-o, hel'-ko
Probably akin to G138; to drag (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: draw.

Compare G1667.

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8 occurrences of G1670 ἑλκύω

John 6:44
John 12:32
John 18:10
John 21:6
John 21:11
Acts 16:19
Acts 21:30
James 2:6

Corresponding Hebrew Words

helko H1540 galah
helko H1641 garar
helko H4871 mashah hi.
helko H4900 mashakh
helko H5047 negad
helko H5130 nuph hi.
helko H7602 shaaph
helko H7702 sadad pi.
helko H8025 shalaph