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[ 1,,G4951, suro ]
to draw, drag, haul," is used of a net, John 21:8; of violently "draging" persons along, Acts 8:3, "haling;" Acts 14:19, RV, "dragged," AV, "drew;" Acts 17:6 (ditto); Revelation 12:4, AV, "drew," RV, "draweth." See DRAW, HALE.

Note: Cp. the strengthened form katasuro, "to hale," used in Luke 12:58.

[ 2,,G1670, helkuo ]
"to draw," differs from suro, as "drawing" does from violent "dragging." It is used of "drawing" a net, John 21:6, John 21:11 (cp. No. 1, in John 21:8); Trench remarks, "At John 21:6 and John 21:11 helko (or helkuo) is used; for there a drawing of the net to a certain point is intended; by the disciples to themselves in the ship, by Peter to himself upon the shore. But at John 21:8 helko gives place to suro: for nothing is there intended but the dragging of the net, which had been fastened to the ship, after it through the water" (Syn., xxi).

This less violent significance, usually present in helko, but always absent from suro, is seen in the metaphorical use of helko, to signify "drawing" by inward power, by Divine impulse, John 6:44; John 12:32. So in the Sept., e.g., Song of Songs 1:4; Jeremiah 31:3, "with lovingkindness have I drawn thee." It is used of a more vigorous action, in John 18:10, of "drawing" a sword; in Acts 16:19; Acts 21:30, of forcibly "drawing" men to or from a place; so in James 2:6, AV, "draw," RV, "drag." See DRAW.

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