Matthew 5:29

  29 G1161 { And G1487 if G3588   G4675 thy G1188 right G3588   G3788 eye G4624 0 causeth G4571 thee G4624 [G5719] to stumble, G1807 0 pluck G846 it G1807 [G5628] out, G2532 and G906 [G5628] cast G575 it from G4675 thee: G1063 for G4851 [G5719] it doth be profitable G4671 for thee G2443 that G1520 one G4675 of thy G3196 members G622 [G5643] should be made lost, G2532 and G3361 not G4675 that thy G3650 whole G4983 body G906 [G5686] should be cast G1519 into G1067 the Valley of the Son of Hinnom.}