G4983 σῶμα - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
the body
body, flesh
body, flesh; the body of the Church.
the body (as a sound whole), used in a very wide application, literally or figuratively
Derivation: from G4982;

KJV Usage: bodily, body, slave.

σῶμα, -τος, τό,
[in LXX for גְּוִיָּה ,בָּשָׂר, etc., and for Aram. נְבֵלָה ;]
a body.
__1. Prop., of the human body,
__(a) as always in Hom. (opp. to δέμας), of the dead body:
Refs Mat.27:58, 59 Mrk.15:43, al.
__(b) of the living body:
Refs Luk.11:34, 1Co.6:13, al.
; ἐν σ. εἶναι, Heb.13:3; as the instrument of the soul, τὰ διὰ τοῦ σ., 2Co.5:10; opp. to πνεῦμα,
Refs Rom.8:10, 1Co.5:3 7:4, Jas.2:26
; to ψυχή,
Refs Mat.6:25 10:28, Luk.12:22
(cf. Wis.1:1, al.); to τὸ π. καὶ ἡ ψ., 1Th.5:23; σ. ψυχικόν, opp. to σ. πνευματικόν, 1Co.15:44; ὁ ναὸς τοῦ σ. αὐτοῦ (genitive epexeg.), Jhn.2:21; τὸ σ. τ. ταπεινώσεως (Hebraistic "genitive of definition"; M, Pr., 73f.; Bl., §35, 5), opp. to τὸ σ. τ. δοξῆς αὐτοῦ, Php.3:21; similarly, τὸ σ. τ. σαρκός, Col.1:22; σ. τοῦ θανάτου (subject to death), Rom.7:24; σ. τ. ἁμαρτίας, Rom.6:6;
__(with) periphr., ἀνθρώπου, then absol., σῶμα (Soph., Xen., al.), a person, and in later writers (Polyb., al.), a slave: Rev.18:13 (cf. MM, i, ii, xxiv; Deiss., BS, 160).
__2. Of the bodies of animals: living, Jas.3:3; dead,
Refs Heb.13:11 ( Exo.29:14, al.
__3. Of inanimate objects (cf. Eng. "heavenly bodies"):
Refs 1Co.15:37, 38 40
(Diod., al.).
__4. Of any corporeal substance (Plat., al.): opp. to σκιά, Col.2:17. Metaph., of a number of persons united by a common bond; in NT, of the Church as the spiritual body of Christ:
Refs Rom.12:5, 1Co.10:16, 17 12:13, 27, Eph.1:23 2:16 4:4, 12, 16 5:23, 30, Col.1:18, 24 2:19 3:15
; ἓν σ. κ. ἓν πνεῦμα, Eph.4:4.
1) the body both of men or animals
1a) a dead body or corpse
1b) the living body
1b1) of animals
2) the bodies of planets and of stars (heavenly bodies)
3) is used of a (large or small) number of men closely united into one society, or family as it were; a social, ethical, mystical body
3a) so in the NT of the church
4) that which casts a shadow as distinguished from the shadow itself

From G4982; the body (as a sound whole), used in a very wide application, literally or figuratively

KJV Usage: bodily, body, slave.

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First 30 of 146 occurrences of G4983 σῶμα

Matthew 5:29 body
Matthew 5:30 body
Matthew 6:22 of the body
Matthew 6:22 body
Matthew 6:23 body
Matthew 6:25 body,
Matthew 6:25 body
Matthew 10:28 the body,
Matthew 10:28 body
Matthew 14:12 the body,
Matthew 26:12 body,
Matthew 26:26 body.
Matthew 27:52 bodies
Matthew 27:58 the body
Matthew 27:58 the body
Matthew 27:59 the body,
Mark 5:29 in her body
Mark 14:8 body
Mark 14:22 body.
Mark 15:43 the body
Mark 15:45 the body
Luke 11:34 of the body
Luke 11:34 body
Luke 11:34 body
Luke 11:36 body
Luke 12:4 the body,
Luke 12:22 for the body,
Luke 12:23 the body
Luke 17:37 the body
Luke 22:19 body

Distinct usage

27 body
26 the body
20 body,
13 body.
9 the body,
6 of the body
5 bodies
5 of the body,
4 the body;
2 the bodies
2 body:
2 the body?
2 a body
2 body;
2 bodies,
1 in body,
1 body?
1 in body
1 were the body?
1 bodies.
1 to the body;
1 for the body.
1 his bodily
1 for the body,
1 of the body;
1 that body
1 members of the body,
1 the body.
1 in her body
1 our bodies
1 his body,
1 of the body.
1 body's
1 bodies:

Corresponding Hebrew Words

soma H216 or
soma H1320 basar
soma H1472 geviyyah
soma H1480 guphah
soma H1655 geshem
soma H2428 chayil
soma H2945 taph
soma H5038 nevelah
soma H5315 nephesh
soma H6297 peger
soma * H7607 meshartim
soma H7607 sheer

Related words

G4983 σῶμα

G4954 σύσσωμος
From G4862 and G4983; of a joint body, that is, (figuratively) a fellow member of the Christian community

KJV Usage: of the same body.

G4984 σωματικός
From G4983; corporeal or physical

KJV Usage: bodily.

G4982 σώζω

From a primary word σῶς sōs̄ (contraction for the obsolete σάος saos , “safe”); to save, that is, deliver or protect (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.

G810 ἀσωτία
From a compound of G1 (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of G4982; properly unsavedness, that is, (by implication) profligacy

KJV Usage: excess, riot.

G1295 διασώζω
From G1223 and G4982; to save thoroughly, that is, (by implication or analogy) to cure, preserve, rescue, etc.

KJV Usage: bring safe, escape (safe), heal, make perfectly whole, save.

G4986 Σώπατρος
From the base of G4982 and G3962; of a safe father; Sopatrus, a Christian

KJV Usage: Sopater.

Compare G4989.

G4988 Σωσθένης
From the base of G4982 and that of G4599; of safe strength; Sosthenes, a Christian

KJV Usage: Sosthenes.

G4990 σωτήρ
From G4982; a deliverer, that is, God or Christ

KJV Usage: saviour.

G4998 σώφρων
From the base of G4982 and that of G5424; safe (sound) in mind, that is, self controlled (moderate as to opinion or passion)

KJV Usage: discreet, sober, temperate.