G1843 ἐξομολογέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I consent fully, confess
(a) I consent fully, agree out and out, (b) I confess, admit, acknowledge (cf. the early Hellenistic sense of the middle: I acknowledge a debt), (c) I give thanks, praise.
to acknowledge or (by implication, of assent) agree fully
Derivation: from G1537 and G3670;

KJV Usage: confess, profess, promise.

G1537 G3670
1) to confess
2) to profess
2a) acknowledge openly and joyfully
2b) to one's honour: to celebrate, give praise to
2c) to profess that one will do something, to promise, agree, engage

From G1537 and G3670; to acknowledge or (by implication of assent) agree fully

KJV Usage: confess, profess, promise.

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11 occurrences of G1843 ἐξομολογέω

Matthew 3:6
Matthew 11:25
Mark 1:5
Luke 10:21
Luke 22:6
Acts 19:18
Romans 14:11
Romans 15:9
Philippians 2:11
James 5:16
Revelation 3:5

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ex omologeo H1927 hadarah
ex omologeo H1984 halal pi.
ex omologeo H3034 yadah hi.
ex omologeo H3046 yeda aph.
ex omologeo H7650 shava ni.