G1856 ἐξωθέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to thrust out, force out, wrench out
I drive out, expel, propel
I drive out, expel, propel, thrust out; I drive out of the sea, drive on shore.
or ἐξώθω to expel; by implication, to propel
Derivation: from G1537 and ὠθέω (to push);

KJV Usage: drive out, thrust in.

1) to thrust out
2) expel from one's abode
3) to propel, drive

ἐξωθέω, ἐξώθω
exōtheō exōthō
ex-o-theh'-o, ex-o'-tho
From G1537 and ὠθέω ōtheō (to push); to expel; by implication to propel

KJV Usage: drive out, thrust in.

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2 occurrences of G1856 ἐξωθέω

Acts 7:45
Acts 27:39

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ex otheo H1740 duach hi.
ex otheo H1760 dachah pu.
ex otheo H3512 kaah ni.
ex otheo H3947 laqach
ex otheo H5074 nadad hoph.
ex otheo * H5077 nada hi.
ex otheo H5080 nadach hi,qal,ni
ex otheo H5086 nadaph ni.
ex otheo H5255 nasach
ex otheo H7368 rachaq hi.
ex otheo H8582 taah hi.