G1831 ἐξέρχομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to go
I go out, come out.
to issue (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: from G1537 and G2064;

KJV Usage: come (forth, out), depart (out of), escape, get out, go (abroad, away, forth, out, thence), proceed (forth), spread abroad.

G1537 G2064
1) to go or come forth of
1a) with mention of the place out of which one goes, or the point from which he departs
1a1) of those who leave a place of their own accord
1a2) of those who are expelled or cast out
2) metaph.
2a) to go out of an assembly, i.e. forsake it
2b) to come forth from physically, arise from, to be born of
2c) to go forth from one's power, escape from it in safety
2d) to come forth (from privacy) into the world, before the public, (of those who by novelty of opinion attract attention)
2e) of things
2e1) of reports, rumours, messages, precepts
2e2) to be made known, declared
2e3) to be spread, to be proclaimed
2e4) to come forth
2e4a) emitted as from the heart or the mouth
2e4b) to flow forth from the body
2e4c) to emanate, issue
2e4c1) used of a sudden flash of lightning
2e4c2) used of a thing vanishing
2e4c3) used of a hope which has disappeared

From G1537 and G2064; to issue (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: come-(forth, out), depart (out of), escape, get out, go (abroad, away, forth, out, thence), proceed (forth), spread abroad.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

ex erchomai H622 asaph ni.
ex erchomai H926 bahal ni.
ex erchomai H935 bo
ex erchomai H1980 halakh
ex erchomai H3318 yatsa qal,hi,hoph
ex erchomai H3772 karat hoph.
ex erchomai H3947 laqach
ex erchomai H5140 nazal
ex erchomai H5312 nephaq
ex erchomai H5375 nasa qal,ni
ex erchomai H5674 avar
ex erchomai H5848 ataph
ex erchomai H5927 alah
see ek baino H5927 alah
ex erchomai H6633 tsava
ex erchomai H7323 ruts
ex erchomai H8552 tamam