H7323 רוּץ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to run (for whatever reason, especially to rush)

KJV Usage: break down, divide speedily, footman, guard, bring hastily, (make) run (away, through), post, stretch out.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to run
a. (Qal)
1. to run
2. runners (participle as subst)
b. (Polel) to run swiftly, dart
c. (Hiphil)
1. to bring or move quickly, hurry
2. to drive away from, cause to run away
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 2137
Parts of Speech: Verb

to run
1) to run
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to run
1a2) runners (participle as subst)
1b) (Polel) to run swiftly, dart
1c) (Hiphil)
1c1) to bring or move quickly, hurry
1c2) to drive away from, cause to run away

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First 30 of 104 occurrences of H7323 רוּץ

Genesis 18:2 them, he ran
Genesis 18:7 ran
Genesis 24:17 ran
Genesis 24:20 and ran
Genesis 24:28 ran,
Genesis 24:29 ran
Genesis 29:12 and she ran
Genesis 29:13 that he ran
Genesis 33:4 ran
Genesis 41:14 and they brought him hastily
Numbers 11:27 And there ran
Numbers 16:47 and ran
Joshua 7:22 and they ran
Joshua 8:19 and they ran
Judges 7:21 ran,
Judges 13:10 and ran,
1 Samuel 3:5 And he ran
1 Samuel 4:12 And there ran
1 Samuel 8:11 and some shall run
1 Samuel 10:23 And they ran
1 Samuel 17:17 and run
1 Samuel 17:22 and ran
1 Samuel 17:48 and ran
1 Samuel 17:51 ran,
1 Samuel 20:6 leave of me that he might run
1 Samuel 20:36 Run,
1 Samuel 20:36 ran,
1 Samuel 22:17 to the footmen
2 Samuel 15:1 to run
2 Samuel 18:19 Let me now run,

Distinct usage

7 and ran
5 ran
4 ran,
4 Run
3 and they ran
3 running
3 to run
3 They shall run
2 And there ran
2 of the guard,
2 into the guard
2 I will run
2 and the guard
2 and the guard,
2 of the guard
2 posts
2 He runneth
2 runneth
2 So the posts
1 and she ran
1 that he ran
1 and they brought him hastily
1 and ran,
1 And he ran
1 and run
1 leave of me that he might run
1 Run,
1 to the footmen
1 Let me now run,
1 and ran.
1 let me also, I pray thee, run
1 Why wilt thou run,
1 But however, said he, let me run.
1 to him, Run.
1 running:
1 For by thee I have run
1 that the guard
1 that I may run
1 him running
1 to the guard
1 the guard:
1 and broke them down
1 the guard
1 The posts
1 So the posts
1 For by thee I have run through
1 They run
1 shall soon stretch out
1 not thee shall run
1 If thou hast run
1 yet they ran:
1 One post
1 shall run
1 another,
1 so shall they run.
1 that he may run
1 and ye run
1 them, he ran
1 to him, Run,
1 in running

Corresponding Greek Words

ruts G1377 dioko
ruts G1831 ex erchomai
ruts G2460 hippeus
ruts G2614 kata dioko
ruts G2701 kata trecho
ruts G2703 kata pheugo
ruts G4370 pros trecho
ruts hi. G1806 ex ago
ruts hi. G4399 pro phthano
ruts liphne G4390 pro trecho
ruts qal,hi G5143 trecho
ruts qal. G1559 ek dioko

Related words


H4793 מרוץ mêrôts
From H7323; a run (the trial of speed)

KJV Usage: race.