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Acts 7:45 (IGNT)
  45 G3739 ην Which G2532 και Also G1521 (G5627) εισηγαγον Brought In G1237 (G5666) διαδεξαμενοι   G3588 οι Having Received By Succession G3962 πατερες Fathers G2257 ημων Our G3326 μετα With G2424 ιησου Joshua G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G2697 κατασχεσει Taking Possession G3588 των Of The G1484 εθνων Nations, G3739 ων Whom G1856 (G5656) εξωσεν   G3588 ο Drove Out G2316 θεος God G575 απο From "the" G4383 προσωπου Face G3588 των Of G3962 πατερων Fathers, G2257 ημων Our G2193 εως Until G3588 των The G2250 ημερων Days G1138 δαβιδ Of David;
Acts 27:39 (IGNT)
  39 G3753 οτε And G1161 δε When G2250 ημερα Day G1096 (G5633) εγενετο It Was G3588 την The G1093 γην Land G3756 ουκ They G1921 (G5707) επεγινωσκον Did Not Recognize; G2859 κολπον   G1161 δε But A Bay G5100 τινα Certain G2657 (G5707) κατενοουν They Perceived G2192 (G5723) εχοντα Having G123 αιγιαλον A Shore G1519 εις On G3739 ον Which G1011 (G5662) εβουλευσαντο They Purposed G1487 ει If G1410 (G5739) δυναιντο They Should Able G1856 (G5658) εξωσαι To Drive G3588 το The G4143 πλοιον Ship;