G1910 ἐπιβαίνω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to go upon
I step on, mount, board
(a) I set foot on, step on, (b) I mount (a horse), board (a vessel).
to walk upon, i.e. mount, ascend, embark, arrive
Derivation: from G1909 and the base of G939;

KJV Usage: come (into), enter into, go abroad, sit upon, take ship.

G1909 G939
1) to get upon, mount
1a) to embark in
1b) to go aboard (a ship)
2) to set foot in, enter

From G1909 and the base of G939; to walk upon, that is, mount, ascend, embark, arrive

KJV Usage: come (into), enter into, go aboard, sit upon, take ship.

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6 occurrences of G1910 ἐπιβαίνω

Matthew 21:5
Acts 20:18
Acts 21:2
Acts 21:6
Acts 25:1
Acts 27:2

Corresponding Hebrew Words

epi baino H1869 darakh
epi baino H1961 hayah
epi bainogeuo H1980 halakh
epi baino H2015 haphakh ni.
epi baino H2583 chanah
epi baino H3320 yatsav hithp.
epi baino H5927 lah
epi baino H5975 amad
epi baino H6805 tsaad
epi baino H7392 rakhav