H2583 חנה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root (compare H2603); properly to incline; by implication to decline (of the slanting rays of evening); specifically to pitch a tent; generally to encamp (for abode or siege)

KJV Usage: abide (in tents), camp, dwell, encamp, grow to an end, lie, pitch (tent), rest in tent.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to decline, incline, encamp, bend down, lay siege against
a. (Qal)
1. to decline
2. to encamp
Origin: a primitive root [compare H2603]
Parts of Speech: Verb

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Corresponding Greek Words

chanah see G4016 par em ballo
chanah see G4776 peri kath izo
chanah G451 anna
chanah G1910 epi baino
chanah G2647 kata luo
chanah G2944 kukloo