G4254 προάγω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to lead forward, on, onward
I lead forth, go before
(a) trans: I lead forth; in the judicial sense, into court, (b) intrans. and trans: I precede, go before, (c) intrans: I go too far.
to lead forward (magisterially); intransitively, to precede (in place or time (participle, previous))
Derivation: from G4253 and G71;

KJV Usage: bring (forth, out), go before.

G4253 G71
1) to lead forward, lead forth
1a) one from a place in which he has lain hidden from view, as from a prison
1b) in a forensic sense, to bring one forth to trial
2) to go before
2a) preceding, prior in time, previous
2b) to proceed, go forward
2b1) in a bad sense, to go further than is right. or proper

From G4253 and G71; to lead forward (magisterially); intransitively to precede (in place or time [participle previous ])

KJV Usage: bring (forth, out), go before.

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18 occurrences of G4254 προάγω

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

pro ago H5066 nagash