H5945 עליון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H5927; an elevation, that is, (adjectively) lofty (comparatively); as title, the Supreme

KJV Usage: (Most, on) high (-er, -est), upper (-most).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. high, upper
a. of Davidic king exalted above monarchs n m
2. Highest, Most High
a. name of God
b. of rulers, either monarchs or angel-princes
Origin: from H5927
TWOT: 1624g,1624h
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 53 occurrences of H5945 עליון

Genesis 14:18 of the most high
Genesis 14:19 of the most high
Genesis 14:20 be the most high
Genesis 14:22 the most high
Genesis 40:17 And in the uppermost
Numbers 24:16 of the most High,
Deuteronomy 26:19 thee high
Deuteronomy 28:1 thee on high
Deuteronomy 32:8 When the most High
Joshua 16:5 the upper;
2 Samuel 22:14 and the most High
1 Kings 9:8 which is high,
2 Kings 15:35 the higher
2 Kings 18:17 of the upper
1 Chronicles 7:24 and the upper,
2 Chronicles 7:21 which is high,
2 Chronicles 8:5 the upper,
2 Chronicles 23:20 the high
2 Chronicles 27:3 the high
2 Chronicles 32:30 the upper
Nehemiah 3:25 upper
Psalms 7:17 most high.
Psalms 9:2 O thou most High.
Psalms 18:13 and the Highest
Psalms 21:7 of the most High
Psalms 46:4 of the most High.
Psalms 47:2 most high
Psalms 50:14 to the most High:
Psalms 57:2 most high;
Psalms 73:11 in the most High?

Distinct usage

4 of the most high
3 the most high
3 of the most High.
3 of the upper
2 the high
2 of the most High,
1 And in the uppermost
1 thee high
1 thee on high
1 and the most High
1 which is high,
1 the higher
1 and the upper,
1 which is high,
1 the upper,
1 the upper
1 upper
1 most high.
1 O thou most High.
1 and the Highest
1 most high
1 to the most High:
1 in the most High?
1 and the high
1 in her: and the Highest
1 higher
1 place of the most High
1 even the most High,
1 O most High:
1 art high above
1 of the most High:
1 the most High.
1 that were in the high
1 in the higher
1 of the higher
1 chamber to the highest
1 Now the upper
1 art the most high
1 most high;
1 When the most High
1 the upper;
1 be the most high

Corresponding Greek Words

elyon G511 anoteros
elyon G1883 ep ano
elyon G2082 esoteros
elyon G5231 huper ano
elyon G5308 hupselos
elyon G5310 hupsistos

Related words


H5946 עליון ‛elyôn
(Chaldee); corresponding to H5945; the supreme

KJV Usage: Most high.

H5927 עלה ‛âlâh

A primitive root; to ascend, intransitively (be high) or active (mount); used in a great variety of senses, primary and secondary, literally and figuratively

KJV Usage: arise (up). (cause to) ascend up, at once, break [the day] (up), bring (up), (cause to) burn, carry up, cast up, + shew, climb (up), (cause to, make to) come (up), cut off, dawn, depart, exalt, excel, fall, fetch up, get up, (make to) go (away, up), grow (over), increase, lay, leap, levy, lift (self) up, light, [make] up, X mention, mount up, offer, make to pay, + perfect, prefer, put (on), raise, recover, restore, (make to) rise (up), scale, set (up), shoot forth (up), (begin to) spring (up), stir up, take away (up), work.

H500 אלעלה אלעלא 'el‛âlê' 'el‛âlêh
אלעלה אלעלא
'el‛âlê' 'el‛âlêh
el-aw-lay', el-aw-lay'
From H410 and H5927; God (is) going up; Elale or Elaleh, a place east of the Jordan

KJV Usage: Elealeh.

H1175 בּעלות be ‛âlôth
be ‛âlôth
Plural of H1172; mistresses; Bealoth, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Bealoth, in Aloth [by mistake for a plural from H5927 with preposition prefix].

H4605 מעל ma‛al
From H5927; properly the upper part, used only adverbially with prefix upward, above, overhead, from the top, etc.

KJV Usage: above, exceeding (-ly), forward, on (X very) high, over, up (-on, -ward), very.

H4607 מעל mô‛al
From H5927; a raising (of the hands)

KJV Usage: lifting up.

H4608 מעלה ma‛ăleh
From H5927; an elevation, that is, (concretely) acclivity or platform; abstractly (the relation or state) a rise or (figuratively) priority

KJV Usage: ascent, before, chiefest, cliff, that goeth up, going up, hill, mounting up, stairs.

H5866 עילי ‛ı̂ylay
From H5927; elevated; Ilai, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Ilai.

H5920 על ‛al
From H5927; properly the top; specifically the Highest (that is, God); also (adverbially) aloft, to Jehovah

KJV Usage: above, high, most High.

H5929 עלה ‛âleh
From H5927; a leaf (as coming up on a tree); collectively foliage

KJV Usage: branch, leaf.

H5930 עולה עלה ‛ôlâh ‛ôlâh
עולה עלה
‛ôlâh ‛ôlâh
o-law', o-law'
Feminine active participle of H5927; a step or (collectively stairs, as ascending); usually a holocaust (as going up in smoke)

KJV Usage: ascent, burnt offering (sacrifice), go up to. See also H5766.

H5931 עלּה ‛illâh
(Chaldee); feminine from a root corresponding to H5927; a pretext (as arising artificially)

KJV Usage: occasion.

H5935 עלין עלון ‛alvân ‛alyân
עלין עלון
‛alvân ‛alyân
al-vawn', al-yawn'
From H5927; lofty; Alvan or Aljan, an Idumaean

KJV Usage: Alian, Alvan.

H5940 עלי ‛ĕlı̂y
From H5927; a pestle (as lifted)

KJV Usage: pestle.

H5941 עלי ‛êlı̂y
From H5927; lofty; Eli, an Israelitish high priest

KJV Usage: Eli.

H5942 עלּי ‛illı̂y
From H5927; high, that is, comparatively

KJV Usage: upper.

H5944 עליּה ‛ălı̂yâh
Feminine from H5927; something lofty, that is, a stair way; also a second story room (or even one on the roof); figuratively the sky

KJV Usage: ascent, (upper) chamber, going up, loft, parlour.

H5952 עלּית ‛allı̂yth
From H5927; a second story room

KJV Usage: chamber.

Compare H5944.

H8585 תּעלה te ‛âlâh
te ‛âlâh
From H5927; a channel (into which water is raised for irrigation); also a bandage or plaster (as placed upon a wound)

KJV Usage: conduit, cured, healing, little river, trench, watercourse.