G18 ἀγαθός - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
intrinsically good, good in nature, good whether it be seen to be so or not, the widest and most colorless of all words with this meaning.
"good" (in any sense, often as noun)
Derivation: a primary word;

KJV Usage: benefit, good(-s, things), well.

Compare G2570. G2570
1) of good constitution or nature
2) useful, salutary
3) good, pleasant, agreeable, joyful, happy
4) excellent, distinguished
5) upright, honourable

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

agathos H995 bin ni.
agathos H1116 bamah
agathos H1880 deshen
agathos H2869 tav
agathos H2896 tov,tovah
agathos H3303 yapheh
agathos H3477 yashar
agathos H3559 kun ni.
agathos H5228 nakhoach
agathos H6143 iqqeshut
agathos H7060 qamal
agathos H8003 shalem
agathos H8389 toar
agathos H8615 tiqvah