H3477 ישׁר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3474; straight (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: convenient, equity, Jasher, just, meet (-est), + pleased well right (-eous), straight, (most) upright (-ly, -ness).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. straight, upright, correct, right
a. straight, level
b. right, pleasing, correct
c. straightforward, just, upright, fitting, proper
d. uprightness, righteous, upright
e. that which is upright (subst)
Origin: from H3474
TWOT: 930a
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) straight, upright, correct, right
1a) straight, level
1b) right, pleasing, correct
1c) straightforward, just, upright, fitting, proper
1d) uprightness, righteous, upright
1e) that which is upright (subst)

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First 30 of 119 occurrences of H3477 ישׁר

Exodus 15:26 that which is right
Numbers 23:10 of the righteous,
Deuteronomy 6:18 that which is right
Deuteronomy 12:8 whatever is right
Deuteronomy 12:25 that which is right
Deuteronomy 12:28 and right
Deuteronomy 13:18 that which is right
Deuteronomy 21:9 that which is right
Deuteronomy 32:4 and right
Joshua 9:25 and right
Joshua 10:13 of Jasher?
Judges 17:6 that which was right
Judges 21:25 that which was right
1 Samuel 12:23 and the right
1 Samuel 29:6 thou hast been upright,
2 Samuel 1:18 of Jasher.
2 Samuel 19:6 then it had pleased thee well.
1 Kings 11:33 that which is right
1 Kings 11:38 right
1 Kings 14:8 that only which was right
1 Kings 15:5 that which was right
1 Kings 15:11 that which was right
1 Kings 22:43 that which was right
2 Kings 10:3 and most fit
2 Kings 10:15 right,
2 Kings 10:30 that which is right
2 Kings 12:2 that which was right
2 Kings 14:3 that which was right
2 Kings 15:3 that which was right
2 Kings 15:34 that which was right

Distinct usage

18 that which was right
8 of the upright
7 and right
6 that which is right
2 and an upright
2 and upright
2 for the upright
2 To the upright
2 is right
2 are right,
2 the upright
2 for the upright.
2 right
2 not that which was right
1 of the righteous,
1 whatever is right
1 and the right
1 then it had pleased thee well.
1 that only which was right
1 and most fit
1 were more upright
1 them right
1 and upright,
1 Upright
1 There the righteous
1 that which was right,
1 at the upright
1 is right;
1 such as are of upright
1 the upright:
1 on them; and the upright
1 and all the upright
1 by the right
1 and uprightness.
1 and to them that are upright
1 for the righteous:
1 is with the righteous.
1 which seemeth right
1 of the righteous
1 right.
1 that seemeth right
1 but as for the upright,
1 in a straight
1 wherever it seemeth convenient
1 were straight
1 straight,
1 uprightly?
1 all equity.
1 and there is none upright
1 the most upright
1 of the upright,
1 of Jasher?
1 is upright:
1 The righteous
1 and he that is upright
1 and upright ones
1 of Jasher.
1 of him a right
1 ye that are upright
1 Whoever causeth the righteous

Corresponding Greek Words

yashar G18 agathos
yashar G225 aletheia
yashar G228 alethinos
yashar G273 a memptos
yashar G701 arestos
yashar G957 beltion
yashar G1342 dikaios
yashar G2118 euthutes
yashar G2570 kalos
yashar G3717 orthos
yashar G3741 hosios
yashar G5543 chrestos

Related words


H3480 ישׂראלה ye śar'êlâh
ye śar'êlâh
By variation from H3477 and H410 with directive enclitic; right towards God; Jesarelah, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Jesharelah.

Compare H841

H3483 ישׁרה yishrâh
Feminine of H3477; rectitude

KJV Usage: uprightness.

H3474 ישׁר yâshar

A primitive root; to be straight or even; figuratively to be (causatively to make) right, pleasant, prosperous

KJV Usage: direct, fit, seem good (meet), + please (well), be (esteem, go) right (on), bring (look, make, take the) straight (way), be upright (-ly).

H3475 ישׁר yêsher
From H3474; the right; Jesher, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Jesher.

H3476 ישׁר yôsher
From H3474; the right

KJV Usage: equity, meet, right, upright (-ness).

H3484 ישׁרוּן ye shûrûn
ye shûrûn
From H3474; upright; Jeshurun, a symbolical name for Israel

KJV Usage: Jeshurun.

H4334 מישׁר מישׁור mı̂yshôr mı̂yshôr
מישׁר מישׁור
mı̂yshôr mı̂yshôr
mee-shore', mee-shore'
From H3474; a level, that is, a plain (often used (with the article prefixed) as a proper name of certain districts); figuratively concord; also straightness, that is, (figuratively) justice (sometimes adverbially justly)

KJV Usage: equity, even place, plain, right (-eously), (made) straight, uprightness.

H4339 מישׁר mêyshâr
From H3474; evenness, that is, (figuratively) prosperity or concord; also straightness, that is, (figuratively) rectitude (only in plural with singular sense; often adverbially)

KJV Usage: agreement, aright, that are equal, equity, (things that are) right (-eously, things), sweetly, upright (-ly, -ness).

H8289 שׁרון shârôn
Probably abridged from H3474; plain; Sharon, the name of a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Lasharon, Sharon.