H5401 נשׁק - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root (identical with H5400, through the idea of fastening up; compare H2388 and H2836); to kiss, literally or figuratively (touch); also (as a mode of attachment), to equip with weapons

KJV Usage: armed (men), rule, kiss, that touched.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to put together, kiss
a. (Qal) to kiss
b. (Piel) to kiss
c. (Hiphil) to touch gently
2. to handle, be equipped with
a. (Qal) to be equipped
Origin: a primitive root [identical with H5400, through the idea of fastening up
TWOT: 1435,1436
Parts of Speech: Verb

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First 30 of 35 occurrences of H5401 נשׁק

Genesis 27:26 now, and kiss
Genesis 27:27 and kissed
Genesis 29:11 kissed
Genesis 29:13 him, and kissed
Genesis 31:28 me to kiss
Genesis 31:55 and kissed
Genesis 33:4 and kissed him:
Genesis 41:40 be ruled:
Genesis 45:15 Moreover he kissed
Genesis 48:10 to him; and he kissed
Genesis 50:1 upon him, and kissed
Exodus 4:27 and kissed
Exodus 18:7 and kissed
Ruth 1:9 Then she kissed
Ruth 1:14 kissed
1 Samuel 10:1 and kissed
1 Samuel 20:41 and they kissed
2 Samuel 14:33 kissed
2 Samuel 15:5 him, and kissed
2 Samuel 19:39 kissed
2 Samuel 20:9 to kiss
1 Kings 19:18 which hath not kissed
1 Kings 19:20 Let me, I pray thee, kiss
1 Chronicles 12:2 They were armed
2 Chronicles 17:17 and with him armed men
Job 31:27 hath kissed
Psalms 2:12 Kiss
Psalms 78:9 being armed,
Psalms 85:10 have kissed
Proverbs 7:13 him, and kissed

Distinct usage

5 and kissed
4 kissed
3 him, and kissed
2 Kiss
1 now, and kiss
1 me to kiss
1 and kissed him:
1 be ruled:
1 Moreover he kissed
1 to him; and he kissed
1 upon him, and kissed
1 Then she kissed
1 and they kissed
1 to kiss
1 which hath not kissed
1 Let me, I pray thee, kiss
1 They were armed
1 and with him armed men
1 hath kissed
1 being armed,
1 have kissed
1 Every man shall kiss
1 Let him kiss
1 I would kiss
1 that touched

Corresponding Greek Words

nashaq G4352 pros kuneo
nashaq G5219 hupakouo
nashaq pi. G1405 drassomai
nashaq qal,pi G2705 kata phileo
nashaq qal.,pi. G5368 phileo