G2193 ἕως - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
until, till
until, as far as
(a) conj: until, (b) prep: as far as, up to, as much as, until.
a conjunction, preposition and adverb of continuance, until (of time and place)
Derivation: of uncertain affinity;

KJV Usage: even (until, unto), (as) far (as), how long, (un-)til(-l), (hither-, un-, up) to, while(-s).

relative particle (Lat. donee, usque),
expressing the terminus ad quem (cf. Burton, §321ff.).
__I. As conjunction;
__1. till, until;
__(a) of a fact in past time, with indic.:
Refs Mat.2:9, al. (Wis.10:14, al.
__(b) ἕως ἄν, with subjc. aor.:
Refs Mat.2:13 5:18, Mrk.6:10, al.
; without ἄν (M. Pr., 168f.; Lft., Notes, 115), Mrk.14:32 (Burton, §325),
Refs Luk.12:59, 2Th.2:7, al.
__(with) with indic., pres. (Burton, §328; BL, §65, 10):
Refs Mrk.6:45, Jhn.21:22, 23 1Ti.4:13
__2. C. indic., as long as, while (Burton, §327): Jhn.9:4 (Plat., Phaedo, 89c).
__II. As an adverb (chiefly in late writers).
__1. Of time, until, unto;
__(a) as prep. with genitive (BL, §40, 6; M, Pr., 99): τ. ἡμέρας,
Refs Mat.26:29, Luk.1:80, Rom.11:8, al.
; ὥρας, Mat.27:45, al.; τέλους,
Refs 1Co.1:8, 2Co.1:13
; τ. νῦν,
Refs Mat.24:21, Mrk.13:19 (1Ma.2:33
); ἐτῶν ὀγ. (Field, Notes, 49f.), Luk.2:37; τ. ἐλθεῖν, Act.8:40; before names and events,
Refs Mat.1:17 2:15, Luk.11:51, Jas.5:7, al.
__(b) before οὗ, ὅτου, with the force of a conjc. (Burton, §330; M, Pr., 91);
__(α) ἕ. οὗ (Hdt., ii, 143; Plut., al.): with indic., Mat.1:25 (WH br., οὗ) 13:33, al.; with subjc. aor., Mat.14:22, al.;
__(β) ἔ. ὅτου: with subjc., Luk.13:8; with indic., Mat.5:25 (until), Jhn.9:18;
__(with) with adv. (ἔ. ὀψέ, Thuc, iii, 108): ἄρτι,
Refs Mat.11:12, Jhn.2:10, 1Co.4:13, al.
; πότε (M, Pr., 107),
Refs Mat.17:17, Mrk.9:19, Jhn.10:24, al.

__2. Of place, as far as, even to, unto (Arist., al.);
__(a) as prep. with genitive (see supr.): Mt 1123, Lk 1015, al.;
__(b) with adv. (BL, §40, 6): ἄνω, Jhn.2:7; ἔσω, Mrk.14:54; κάτω,
Refs Mat.27:51, Mrk.15:38
; ὧδε, Luk.23:5;
__(with) with prep.: ἔξω, Act.21:5; πρός, Luk.24:50 (Field, Notes, 83).
__3. Of quantity, measure, etc.:
Refs Mat.18:21, Mrk.6:23, Luk.22:51, al.

1) till, until

Of uncertain affinity; a conjugation, preposition and adverb of continuance, until (of time and place)

KJV Usage: even (until, unto), (as) far (as), how long, (un-) til (-l), (hither-, un-, up) to, while (-s).

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First 30 of 148 occurrences of G2193 ἕως

Matthew 1:17 to
Matthew 1:17 until
Matthew 1:17 to
Matthew 1:25 until
Matthew 2:9 till
Matthew 2:13 until
Matthew 2:15 until
Matthew 5:18 Till
Matthew 5:18 till
Matthew 5:25 while
Matthew 5:26 till
Matthew 10:11 till
Matthew 10:23 till
Matthew 11:12 until
Matthew 11:13 until
Matthew 11:23 to
Matthew 11:23 to
Matthew 12:20 till
Matthew 13:33 till
Matthew 14:22 while
Matthew 16:28 till
Matthew 17:9 until
Matthew 17:17 how long
Matthew 17:17 how long
Matthew 18:21 till
Matthew 18:22 Until
Matthew 18:22 Until
Matthew 18:30 till
Matthew 18:34 till
Matthew 20:8 to

Distinct usage

39 Till
38 until
37 to
7 while
4 how long
4 as far as
3 even
3 even to
2 even to
2 how
1 Till
1 until now,
1 Until now
1 one.
1) to
1 even until
1 will do so, until
1 While
1 were until

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