G3404 μισέω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to hate
I hate, detest
I hate, detest, love less, esteem less.
to detest (especially to persecute); by extension, to love less
Derivation: from a primary μῖσος (hatred);

KJV Usage: hate(-ful).

to hate
μισέω, -ῶ
[in LXX chiefly for שָׂנֵא ;]
to hate: with accusative of person(s)
Refs Mat.5:43 24:10, Luk.1:71 6:22, 27 19:14, Jhn.7:7 15:18-19, 23-26 17:14, Tit.3:3, 1Jn.2:9 Jn 2:11 Jn 3:13 Jn 3:15 Jn 4:20 Rev.17:16
; pass.,
Refs Mat.10:22 24:9, Mrk.13:13, Luk.21:17
; with accusative of thing(s),
Refs Jhn.3:20, Rom.7:15, Eph.5:29, Heb.1:9, Ju 23, Rev.2:6
; pass., Rev.18:2. As the Heb. שָׂנֵא is sometimes found with the modified sense of indifference to or relative disregard for one thing in comparison with another (cf.
Refs Gen.29:30-31, Deu.21:15-16
, Mal.1:3) so prob. μ. in the foll.: Refs .†
1) to hate, pursue with hatred, detest
2) to be hated, detested

From a primary word μῖσος misos (hatred); to detest (especially to persecute); by extension to love less

KJV Usage: hate (-ful).

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First 30 of 42 occurrences of G3404 μισέω

Matthew 5:43 hate
Matthew 5:44 to them that hate
Matthew 6:24 he will hate
Matthew 10:22 be hated
Matthew 24:9 hated
Matthew 24:10 shall hate
Mark 13:13 hated
Luke 1:71 that hate
Luke 6:22 shall hate
Luke 6:27 hate
Luke 14:26 hateth
Luke 16:13 he will hate
Luke 19:14 hated
Luke 21:17 hated
John 3:20 hateth
John 7:7 hate
John 7:7 it hateth,
John 12:25 destesting
John 15:18 hateth
John 15:18 it hated
John 15:19 detesteth
John 15:23 He that hateth
John 15:23 hateth
John 15:24 hated
John 15:25 They hated
John 17:14 hath hated
Romans 7:15 I hate,
Romans 9:13 have I hated.
Ephesians 5:29 hated
Titus 3:3 and hating

Distinct usage

7 hated
7 hateth
4 hate
3 shall hate
2 he will hate
1 be hated
1 that hate
1 it hateth,
1 it hated
1 He that hateth
1 They hated
1 hath hated
1 I hate,
1 have I hated.
1 he that hateth
1 thou hatest
1 hate.
1 detesteth
1 hateful
1 to them that hate
1 destesting
1 hating
1 I hate.
1 and hating

Corresponding Hebrew Words

miseo H2194 zaam
miseo H3988 maas qal,ni
miseo H6887 tsarar
miseo H6965 qum
miseo H7602 shaaph
miseo H8130 sane qal,ni,pi

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G3404 μισέω