G2501 Ἰωσήφ - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

Joseph, a proper name.
Joseph, the name of seven Israelites
Derivation: of Hebrew origin (H3130);

KJV Usage: Joseph.

Ἰωσήφ indecl.
(FlJ, Ἰώσηπος, -ου), ὁ (Heb. יוֹסֵף),
__1. the Son of Jacob:
Refs Jhn.4:5, Act.7:9, 13-14 7:18, Heb.11:21-22, Rev.7:8
__2. In the genealogy of our Lord,
__(a) the son of Matthias: Luk.3:24;
__(b) the son Joram: Luk.3:30.
__3. The husband of Mary, the Lord's mother Mat.1:16 ff,
Refs Luk.1:27, Jhn.1:46, al.

__4. One of the brethren of our Lord (see: ἀδελφός): Mat.13:55.
__5. Son of Mary: Mat.27:56 (-σῆς, WH, mg., RV).
__6. Joseph of Arimatbæa:
Refs Mat.27:57, 59, Mrk.15:43, 45, Luk.23:50, Jhn.19:38
__7. see: Βαρνάβας.
__8. see: Βαρσαβᾶς
1) the patriarch, the eleventh son of Jacob
2) the son of Jonan or Jonam, one of the ancestors of Christ, Lk
3:30 3) the son of Judah [or Judas; better Joda] another ancestor of Jesus, Lk
3:26 4) the son of Mattathias, another ancestor of Christ, Lk
3:24 5) the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus
6) a half-brother of Jesus Mat.
13:55 7) Joseph of Arimathaea, a member of the Sanhedrin, who favoured Jesus. Mt.
27:57,59; Mk 15:43,45 8) Joseph surnamed Barnabas Acts
4:36 9) Joseph call Barsabas and surnamed Justus, Acts 1:23
Literal: Joseph = "let him add"

Of Hebrew origin [H3130]; Joseph, the name of seven Israelites

KJV Usage: Joseph.

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First 30 of 35 occurrences of G2501 Ἰωσήφ

Matthew 1:16 Joseph
Matthew 1:18 to Joseph,
Matthew 1:19 Joseph
Matthew 1:20 Joseph,
Matthew 1:24 Joseph
Matthew 2:13 to Joseph
Matthew 2:19 to Joseph
Matthew 27:57 Joseph,
Matthew 27:59 when Joseph
Mark 15:43 Joseph
Mark 15:45 to Joseph.
Luke 1:27 was Joseph,
Luke 2:4 Joseph
Luke 2:16 Joseph,
Luke 2:33 Joseph
Luke 2:43 Joseph
Luke 3:23 of Joseph,
Luke 3:24 who was the son of Joseph,
Luke 3:26 who was the son of Joseph,
Luke 3:30 who was the son of Joseph,
Luke 4:22 Joseph's
Luke 23:50 Joseph,
John 1:45 of Joseph.
John 4:5 Joseph.
John 6:42 of Joseph,
John 19:38 Joseph
Acts 1:23 Joseph
Acts 7:9 Joseph
Acts 7:13 time Joseph
Acts 7:13 Joseph's

Distinct usage

11 Joseph
5 Joseph,
3 who was the son of Joseph,
2 of Joseph,
2 Joseph's
2 Joseph.
2 to Joseph
1 to Joseph.
1 was Joseph,
1 time Joseph
1 of Joseph
1 when Joseph
1 of Joseph;
1 of Joseph.
1 to Joseph,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ioseph _ H3130 yoseph

Related words

G2501 Ἰωσήφ

G2500 Ἰωσῆς
Perhaps from G2501; Joses, the name of two Israelites

KJV Usage: Joses.

Compare G2499.

H3130 יוסף yôsêph

Future of H3254; let him add (or perhaps simply active participle adding); Joseph, the name of seven Israelites

KJV Usage: Joseph.

Compare H3084.

H3084 יהוסף ye hôsêph
ye hôsêph
A fuller form of H3130; Jehoseph (that is, Joseph), a son of Jacob

KJV Usage: Joseph.