G4130 πλήθω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to be
I fill
I fill, fulfill, complete.
; to "fill" (literally or figuratively (imbue, influence, supply)); specially, to fulfil (time)
Derivation: a prolonged form of a primary πλέω (which appears only as an alternate in certain tenses and in the reduplicated form pimplemi);

KJV Usage: accomplish, full (…come), furnish.

to fill
[in LXX chiefly for מָלֵא, also for שָׂבַע ;]
trans. form in pres. and impf. of πλήθω (intrans. in these tenses), which supplies the other tense forms;
to fill: with accusative, Luk.5:7; with accusative and genitive, Mat.27:48; pass.,
Refs Mat.22:10, Act.19:29
; of that which fills or takes possession of the mind : pass., with genitive,
Refs Luk.1:15, 41 1:67 4:28 5:26 6:11, Act.2:4 3:10 4:8, 31 5:17 9:17 13:9, 45
. Metaph. (as in LXX for מָלֵא:
Refs Gen.29:27, Job.15:32
), to complete, fulfil: pass., of prophecy, Luk.21:22; of time,
Refs Luk.1:23, 57 2:6, 21-22
(cf. ἐμ-πίμπλημι).†
πλήθω, see: πίμπλημι
SYN.: πληροφορέω, πληρόω (AS)
1) to fill
2) to be fulfilled, to be filled

play'-tho, pleh'-o,
A prolonged form of a primary word πλέω pleō (which appears only as an alternate in certain tenses and in the reduplicated form of πίμπλημι pimplēmi to “fill ” (literally or figuratively [imbue, influence, supply ]); specifically to fulfil (time)

KJV Usage: accomplish, full (. . . come), furnish.

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27 occurrences of G4130 πλήθω

Matthew 22:10 was furnished
Matthew 27:48 filled
Luke 1:15 he shall be filled
Luke 1:23 were accomplished,
Luke 1:41 was filled
Luke 1:57 full
Luke 1:57 came
Luke 1:67 was filled
Luke 2:6 were accomplished
Luke 2:21 were accomplished
Luke 2:22 were accomplished,
Luke 4:28 were filled
Luke 5:7 filled
Luke 5:26 were filled
Luke 6:11 were filled
John 19:29 they filled
Acts 2:4 they were
Acts 2:4 filled
Acts 3:10 they were filled
Acts 4:8 filled
Acts 4:31 they were
Acts 4:31 filled
Acts 5:17 and were filled
Acts 9:17 be filled with
Acts 13:9 being filled with
Acts 13:45 they were filled
Acts 19:29 was filled

Distinct usage

5 filled
3 was filled
3 were filled
2 were accomplished,
2 were accomplished
2 they were filled
2 they were
1 he shall be filled
1 full
1 came
1 they filled
1 be filled with
1 being filled with
1 was furnished
1 and were filled

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see st. pimplemi H4390 male qal.,ni.
see st. pimplemi H7491 raaph
see st. pimplemi H7646 sava qal.,ni.

Related words

G4130 πλήθω

G4126 πλέω, πλεύω
πλέω, πλεύω
pleō pleuō
pleh'-o, plyoo'-o
The first is another form for the second which is used as an alternate in certain tenses; probably a form of G4150 (through the idea of plunging through the water); to pass in a vessel

KJV Usage: sail. See also G4130.

G4128 πλῆθος
From G4130; a fulness, that is, a large number, throng, populace

KJV Usage: bundle, company, multitude.

G4132 πλημμύρα
Prolongation from G4130; flood tide, that is, (by analogy) a freshet

KJV Usage: flood.

G4134 πλήρης
From G4130; replete, or covered over; by analogy complete

KJV Usage: full.

G4140 πλησμονή
From a presumed derivative of G4130; a filling up, that is, (figuratively) gratification

KJV Usage: satisfying.

G4149 πλοῦτος
From the base of G4130; wealth (as fulness), that is, (literally) money, possessions, or (figuratively) abundance, richness, (specifically) valuable bestowment

KJV Usage: riches.