G4130 πλήθω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to be
I fill
I fill, fulfill, complete.
; to "fill" (literally or figuratively (imbue, influence, supply)); specially, to fulfil (time)
Derivation: a prolonged form of a primary πλέω (which appears only as an alternate in certain tenses and in the reduplicated form pimplemi);

KJV Usage: accomplish, full (…come), furnish.

1) to fill
2) to be fulfilled, to be filled

play'-tho, pleh'-o,
A prolonged form of a primary word πλέω pleō (which appears only as an alternate in certain tenses and in the reduplicated form of πίμπλημι pimplēmi to “fill ” (literally or figuratively [imbue, influence, supply ]); specifically to fulfil (time)

KJV Usage: accomplish, full (. . . come), furnish.

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27 occurrences of G4130 πλήθω

Matthew 22:10 was furnished
Matthew 27:48 filled
Luke 1:15 he shall be filled
Luke 1:23 were accomplished,
Luke 1:41 was filled
Luke 1:57 full
Luke 1:57 came
Luke 1:67 was filled
Luke 2:6 were accomplished
Luke 2:21 were accomplished
Luke 2:22 were accomplished,
Luke 4:28 were filled
Luke 5:7 filled
Luke 5:26 were filled
Luke 6:11 were filled
John 19:29 they filled
Acts 2:4 they were
Acts 2:4 filled
Acts 3:10 they were filled
Acts 4:8 filled
Acts 4:31 they were
Acts 4:31 filled
Acts 5:17 and were filled
Acts 9:17 be filled with
Acts 13:9 being filled with
Acts 13:45 they were filled
Acts 19:29 was filled

Distinct usage

5 filled
3 was filled
3 were filled
2 were accomplished,
2 were accomplished
2 they were
2 they were filled
1 was furnished
1 he shall be filled
1 full
1 came
1 they filled
1 and were filled
1 be filled with
1 being filled with

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see st. pimplemi H4390 male qal.,ni.
see st. pimplemi H7491 raaph
see st. pimplemi H7646 sava qal.,ni.