G1074 γενεά - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
race, stock, family
a generation
a generation; if repeated twice or with another time word, practically indicates infinity of time.
a generation; by implication, an age (the period or the persons)
Derivation: from (a presumed derivative of) G1085;

KJV Usage: age, generation, nation, time.

1) fathered, birth, nativity
2) that which has been begotten, men of the same stock, a family
2a) the several ranks of natural descent, the successive members of a genealogy
2b) metaph. a group of men very like each other in endowments, pursuits, character
2b1) esp. in a bad sense, a perverse nation
3) the whole multitude of men living at the same time
4) an age (i.e. the time ordinarily occupied be each successive generation), a space of 30 - 33 years

From (a presumed derivative of) G1085; a generation; by implication an age (the period or the persons)

KJV Usage: age, generation, nation, time.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

genea H410 el
genea H1755 dor
genea H2233 zera
genea H2567 chamash
genea H3117 yom
genea H3211 yalid
genea H4940 mishpachah
genea H5971 am
genea * H7256 ribea
genea H8029 shilleshim