G21 ἀγαλλιάω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to rejoice exceedingly
I exult, am full of joy.
properly, to jump for joy, i.e. exult
Derivation: from agan (much) and G242;

KJV Usage: be (exceeding) glad, with exceeding joy, rejoice (greatly).

1) to exult, rejoice exceedingly, be exceeding glad

From ἄγαν agan (much) and G242; properly to jump for joy, that is, exult

KJV Usage: be (exceeding) glad, with exceeding joy, rejoice (greatly).

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11 occurrences of G21 ἀγαλλιάω

Matthew 5:12 leap for joy:
Luke 1:47 leapt for joy
Luke 10:21 leapt for joy
John 5:35 to leap for joy
John 8:56 leapt for joy
Acts 2:26 leapt for joy;
Acts 16:34 leapt for joy,
1 Peter 1:6 ye leap for joy,
1 Peter 1:8 ye leap for joy
1 Peter 4:13 leaping for joy.
Revelation 19:7 leap for joy,

Distinct usage

3 leapt for joy
1 leap for joy:
1 leapt for joy;
1 leapt for joy,
1 ye leap for joy
1 leaping for joy.
1 leap for joy,
1 to leap for joy
1 ye leap for joy,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

agalliao H1523 gil
agalliao H1984 halal hithpa.
agalliao H2142 zakhar hi.
agalliao H5937 alaz
agalliao H6670 tsahal
agalliao H7442 ranan pi.,qal.,hi.
agalliao H7797 sis
agalliao H8055 samach