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Matthew 5:12 leap for joy: G21 G5737
Luke 1:47 leapt for joy G21 G5656
Luke 10:21 leapt for joy G21 G5662
John 5:35 to leap for joy G21 G5677
John 8:56 leapt for joy G21 G5662
Acts 2:26 leapt for joy; G21 G5662
Acts 16:34 leapt for joy, G21 G5662
1 Peter 1:6 ye leap for joy, G21 G5736
1 Peter 1:8 ye leap for joy G21 G5736
1 Peter 4:13 leaping for joy. G21 G5740
Revelation 19:7 leap for joy, G21 G5741

Distinct usage

3 leapt for joy
1 leapt for joy;
1 ye leap for joy
1 to leap for joy
1 ye leap for joy,
1 leap for joy,
1 leapt for joy,
1 leaping for joy.
1 leap for joy: