G5312 ὑψόω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to lift high, raise up
I lift up, exalt
(a) I raise on high, lift up, (b) I exalt, set on high.
to elevate (literally or figuratively)
Derivation: from G5311;

KJV Usage: exalt, lift up.

1) to lift up on high, to exalt
2) metaph.
2a) to raise to the very summit of opulence and prosperity
2b) to exalt, to raise to dignity, honour and happiness

From G5311; to elevate (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: exalt, lift up.

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16 occurrences of G5312 ὑψόω

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

hupsoo H1347 gaon
hupsoo H1361 gavah qal,hi
hupsoo H1396 gavar
hupsoo H1431 gadal qal,pi,hi
hupsoo H4754 mara hi.
hupsoo H5186 natah
hupsoo H5375 nasa qal,ni,pi
hupsoo H5937 alaz
hupsoo H6186 arakh
hupsoo H6286 paar pi.
hupsoo H6509 parah hi.
hupsoo H7235 ravah hi.
hupsoo H7311 rum qal,pil,hi
hupsoo H7311 rum qal,pil,hi
hupsoo H7442 ranan pi.
hupsoo H7679 saga (sagah)
hupsoo H7682 sagav ni.