G3137 Μαρία - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

Mary, Miriam
Mary, Miriam, (a) the mother of Jesus, (b) of Magdala, (c) sister of Martha and Lazarus, (d) wife of Cleopas, (e) mother of John Mark, (f) a Christian woman in Rome.
or Μαριάμ Maria or Mariam (i.e. Mirjam), the name of six Christian females
Derivation: of Hebrew origin (H4813);

KJV Usage: Mary.

1) Mary the mother of Jesus
2) Mary Magdalene, a women from Magdala
3) Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha
4) Mary of Cleophas the mother of James the less
5) Mary the mother of John Mark, a sister of Barnabas
6) Mary, a Roman Christian who is greeted by Paul in Rom. 16:6
Literal: Mary or Miriam = "their rebellion"

Μαρία, Μαριάμ
Maria Mariam
mar-ee'-ah, mar-ee-am'
Of Hebrew origin [H4813]; Maria or Mariam (that is, Mirjam), the name of six Christian females

KJV Usage: Mary.

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