JMNT(i) 1 Since it is admittedly true – and considering – that many people put their hand to and undertook to compile, collate and compose (or: arrange back again and rehearse) by (or: for) themselves a narrative that leads throughout the matters and facts (the results and effects of events, practices, business, affairs and what has been done) concerning the things having been brought to full measure (or: having been fully accomplished) among us, 2 just and correspondingly as the original (the from [the] beginning) eyewitnesses (= personal examiners) and assistants (deputies and subordinates – "under-rowers," or, those under orders) of the Word (message; idea; Logos; Reason; thought) gave, and give, [them] over to us, 3 it seems [necessary; important; a good idea] also for (or: to) me – having followed alongside and accompanied closely from the earlier period – to write to (or: for) you, most excellent Theophilus (or: most mighty friend and lover of God; or: O man most strongly loved of God), all things consecutively (or: point by point; systematically) [and] accurately (or: with details exact), (or: – having from above {i.e., in descending order} intensively traced and investigated on all things – to write for you in logical order and with precise details {the course and movement}...), 4 to the end that you can (would; should; may) fully know by experience about (or: concerning) the certainty (the state of being secure from stumbling or falling; = reliability) of the words (ideas; messages; = teachings) which you were instructed (orally resounded down into the ears so as to make the ears ring). 5 Within the days of Herod, the king of Judea, there happened to be a certain priest, named Zechariah – [a member] out of [the] daily [service division, or, routine section] of Abiah (or: Abijah), and his wife – her name [being] Elizabeth, a [descendent] from out of the daughters of Aaron. 6 Now both continued being (or: were) fair and equitable folks [who followed] the way pointed out in right and just relationships before (in front of and in the sight of) God, habitually going their way within all the implanted goals (impartations of the finished product within; inward directives) and effects of equity (or: results of just and rightwised dealings springing from right relationships) whose source and origin is the Lord [= Yahweh] (or: in union with all the Lord's [= Yahweh's] commandments as well as the results of being in the way pointed out) [being] blameless (or: un-blamable) ones. 7 And yet, there was no child for them, corresponding to [the fact] that Elizabeth continued being (or: was) infertile (sterile; barren) and both were folks having walked forward and were now being advanced within their days (= they were elderly). 8 Now it occurred (happened) during the [situation for] him to be routinely performing the service (acts; duties) of a priest, in his arranged order and appointment of the daily [service division] within the presence of and facing before God, 9 [and] corresponding to and in accord with the custom of the priesthood (or: the priestly functions, or office), he obtained by lot the [duty] to burn incense, after entering into the [holy place] of the inner sanctuary of the Temple of the Lord (= [Yahweh's] divine habitation). 10 Also, during the hour of the incense offering (the result of the burning of incense), all the full capacity, of the people normally praying, was outside. 11 Now an agent of [the] Lord (= Yahweh's messenger), standing to the right of the altar of incense, was seen by him, 12 and Zechariah became troubled (was made to shake and become unsettled) – upon seeing – and fear fell upon him. 13 So the agent said to him, "Stop fearing (or: Do not continue being afraid), Zechariah, because your request in regard to your need was listened to – upon [its] entering into hearing – and so your wife, Elizabeth, will proceed in generating and giving birth to a son by and for you, and you will proceed calling his name 'John,' 14 "and he will continue being a joy and an extreme exultation to you (or: and there will progressively be joy and exceeding elation to and for you), and upon [the occasion of] his birth many people will progressively find joy and will continue rejoicing. 15 "You see, he will continue being great (or: = important) in the sight of (or: before) [the] Lord [= Yahweh], and he should under no circumstances drink wine or [other] strong drink (= intoxicating beverage). Also, he will be continuously filled with a set-apart breath-effect (or: holy spirit; a separated and consecrated wind; [the] Holy Spirit; a sacred Attitude) still [not] out from (or: still from the midst of) his mother's womb. 16 "Later, he will proceed turning many of the sons (= people) of Israel back upon [the] Lord [= Yahweh] their God. 17 "And so, he himself will continue advancing in His presence (or: going forward in His sight) – within and in union with a breath-effect (or: wind) and ability having the character and qualities of Elijah (or: in association with Elijah's spirit and power; or: in an attitude and an ability which is Elijah [= God is Yah]) – ‘to turn back hearts of fathers upon children,’ [Mal. 3:23] and stubborn folks (or: incompliant ones; unpersuaded people) in a thoughtful (sensible; prudent) frame of mind which has the character and qualities of fairness, equity, rightwised relationships, and justice which pertain to the Way pointed out: to prepare and make a people having been fully formed into vessels and utensils, as well as being completely furnished and supplied with equipment, by, for and in [the] Lord [= Yahweh]." 18 And then Zechariah said to the agent (or: messenger), "In association with (or: According to; Down from) what will I proceed in experientially knowing this for myself? You see, I myself am an old man (aged; an elder) and my wife [is] one having walked forward and [is] now being advanced within her days (= she is elderly). 19 And so, giving a decided response, the agent (or: messenger) says to him, "I, myself, am (exist being) Gabriel [Hebrew = God is mighty; or: God's mighty one], the one (or: the person) having been standing alongside in the sight and presence of God, and I was sent off as an emissary (or: a representative; messenger; agent) to speak to you and to declare these things to you as a message of good news and well-being. 20 "And now consider this! You will proceed being one continuing silent and unable to speak – until [the] day on which these things can be birthed (or: should come to be) – in an opposing response, concerning my words (or: in return for the message from me) which you do not trust or believe – [words] which will proceed being fulfilled (progressively made full) [as they are coming] into their fertile moment, appointed season and fitting situation." 21 Meanwhile, the people were continuing in keeping and eye open and directed forward, in watchful waiting and expectation for Zechariah. And so they began wondering in regard to the [situation] for him to be delayed (caused to spend more time than usual) within the midst of the inner sanctuary (= the holy place of the divine habitation). 22 Now upon coming out, he was unable to speak to them, and they realized (or: recognized from this added experiential knowledge) that he had seen a sight (a vision; an appearance; = a theophany) within the inner sanctuary. And through nods and gestures he, himself, was continuing in motioning, beckoning and making signs to them, and yet was remaining mute throughout [the episode]. 23 Later, as the days of his public work and duties were fulfilled (= completed), it came to pass [that] he went off unto his house. 24 Now after these days (= shortly afterwards; or: = following this) Elizabeth, his wife, being together with [him] received so as to become pregnant (or: conceived). And so, she continued keeping herself secluded (hidden and concealed on all sides) [for] five months, repeatedly saying, 25 " [The] Lord [= Yahweh] has thus formed (created; made; done) in me within [these] days (or: This is the way [the] Lord has dealt with me during [these] days) in which He fixed His gaze and looked upon [me] to take away my humiliation and lack of public honor (or: reproach) among mankind." 26 Now during [her] sixth month, the agent Gabriel [Hebrew = God's mighty one; or: God is mighty] was sent off as an emissary from God into a city of the Galilee [district] which [is] named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin girl (girl of marriageable age; unmarried woman) having been engaged (espoused; promised in marriage) to an adult male named Joseph, from out of the house of David. And the name of the virgin girl [is] Mary (or: Miriam). 28 And so, after entering, he said to her (or: upon coming in toward her, he says), "Be constantly rejoicing (note: also used as a greeting, can = Continuous joy to you; Shalom; Hi; Hello; Greetings), O young lady having been favored and given (or: treated with) grace! The Lord [= Yahweh] [is; continues being] with you [other MSS add: you having been spoken well of and blessed among women]." 29 Yet she was thoroughly shaken (deeply disturbed; completely agitated) at the Word (the Logos; the message; the thought and idea) and began thoroughly reasoning and continued carefully considering what this sort of greeting might be (= could mean). 30 And then the agent (messenger) said to her, "Stop fearing (or: Do not continue being afraid), Mary (Miriam), for you see, you find (or: found) grace and favor at God's side (or: in the side of God). 31 "And so, see and consider. You will proceed in yourself receiving together and conceiving within the midst of [your] womb, and then you will proceed giving birth to a Son, and you will continue calling His name, Jesus. 32 "This One will proceed in being great (or: a great One), and He will continue being called 'Son of [the] Most High' (or: a son of [the] Highest One), and [the] Lord [= Yahweh] will proceed giving to Him the throne of David, His father (= forefather; ancestor), 33 "and He will continue reigning upon the house of Jacob – on into the ages. Furthermore, there will not proceed being an end of His reign (or: sovereign influence and activity; kingdom)." 34 But Mary (or: Miriam) said, to the agent (messenger), "How will this proceed in being, since I continue having no intimate, experiential knowledge of an adult male?" 35 Then, giving a decided response, the agent (messenger) says to her, "A set-apart (or: holy) breath-effect (or: a consecrated wind; or: sacred spirit and attitude; [The] Holy Spirit) will continue coming upon you, and a power (ability; or: [the] Power) which has its source and origin in (or: which pertains to; or: which has the qualities and characteristics of; or: which is) [the] Most High will continue casting a shadow upon you. For that reason, also, the Set-apart One (or: holy thing) being progressively generated and born will continue being called God's Son (or: a son of God; 'Son of God'). 36 "Now see, and consider. Elizabeth, your relative (kinswoman), has also herself received together and has conceived a son in her old age – and this is a sixth month for her: the woman being normally (or: repeatedly) called infertile (barren)! 37 "because at God's side (or: from beside God) every declaration (gush-effect; result of the flow; saying) will not proceed being impossible!" (or: because in God's presence – corem Deo – nothing [of] every effect of rhema speaking will continue being void of power or ability!";or: for with God, no declaration [at] all will progress being a powerless impossibility!") 38 So Mary (or: Miriam) said, "See and consider the slave girl that belongs to [the] Lord [= Yahweh]. May He birth Himself (or: May it of itself come to be) down from (or: in accord with; corresponding to) your declaration (saying; or: the effect of your gushing flow)." And then the agent (messenger) went away from her. 39 Now during these days, Mary (Miriam), after rising, went her way with haste and urgency (or: eagerness) into the hill country (or: mountainous region) – into a town of Judah, 40 and [there] she entered into the house of Zechariah, and then greeted and embraced Elizabeth. 41 And then it happened – as Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary (Miriam) – the baby (fetus) leaped, as for joy, within the midst of her womb, and Elizabeth was filled [with] a set-apart Breath-effect (or: a holy spirit; or: [the] Holy Spirit; [the] sacred Attitude), 42 and she exclaimed with a loud shout (or: uttered up in a great voice), and said, "You [are] a woman having been spoken well to and having been blessed among women! The fruit of your womb is also One having been spoken well to, having been blessed! 43 "And so from what place [comes] this [occasion], that the mother of my Lord should come to me? 44 "For look and consider! as the sound of your greeting was birthed into my ears, the child within my womb leaped in joy and extreme happiness! 45 "Also, happy – and blessed – [is] the woman trusting that there will proceed being a maturing to the intended goal (or: believing, because there will come into existence an accomplishing of the finished work, a perfection of the complete performance and an actualization of destiny) with regard to the things having been spoken to her from close beside [the] Lord [= Yahweh]." 46 Then Mary (or: Miriam) said, "‘My soul is constantly magnifying (or: is progressively making great and enlarging) the Lord [= Yahweh], 47 "and the effect and result of my breath expresses extreme joy (or: my spirit and attitude transports supreme happiness and exultation) upon the God [who is] my Savior (or: upon God, my Savior; upon God, the One [being] my Savior), 48 "because He looks upon the low status (or: = had regard for the humiliation) of His slave girl.’ [1 Sam. 2:1; 1:11] For take note! from now on every generation (or: all the generations) will continue blessing me and [making; considering; pronouncing] me happy, 49 "because the Powerful and Able One – and set-apart (or: holy; sacred) [is] His Name – does great things to and for me (or: formed, constructed and created great {= sublime; important; monumental} things in me)! 50 "His mercy [is] also unto, and [extending] into, generations and generations on (or: in; to; for; with; by) the folks habitually being caused to fear and reverence Him. [Ps. 111:9] 51 "He makes strength (performs [with] might) within His arm – He thoroughly scatters proud and haughty folks (or: those arrogant people who hold themselves above [others]) along with [the] intellectual insights of their hearts (or: by [the] attitudes of their hearts; in the comprehension of their hearts). 52 "He takes down folks of power and ability from thrones, and then lifts up high folks of low status (or: He also exalts humble folks). 53 "He in-fills with good things folks who are habitually hungry, and yet He sends out and away empty folks who are habitually rich. 54 "He, Himself, takes the place and position belonging to Israel, His boy (or: He took for Himself the stead pertaining to Israel, His servant boy; He has taken in Himself the part of Israel, His boy), to have [them] reminded of mercy, 55 "just and correspondingly as He spoke [it] to our fathers – to Abraham and to his seed (= descendants) – on into the Age." 56 So Mary (Miriam) remained together with her about three months, and then returned unto her home. 57 Now the time was fulfilled for Elizabeth for her to bear and bring forth to birth, and she gave birth to a son. 58 And so the neighbors in the homes about her, as well as her relatives, heard that [the] Lord [= Yahweh] magnified and enlarged His mercy with her, and they began rejoicing with her. 59 Then it occurred on the eighth day [that] folks came to circumcise the little boy, and they began to call it Zechariah, [based] on the name of his father. 60 And yet his mother, making a decided response, said, "No! To the contrary, he will continue being called John." 61 Then they rejoined to her, "There is no one from your kinship group (extended relatives) who is normally being called by this name." 62 So they began nodding and motioning to his father, [to find out] what he would want him to be habitually called. 63 And so, asking for a writing tablet, he wrote, saying, "His name is John." And they were all amazed. 64 Now instantly his mouth was opened up and his tongue became useful, and he began speaking – continuing in saying good words about God. 65 Then fear (= reverent awe) was birthed (came to be) upon all the folks dwelling in the neighborhood around them. Later, all these sayings (= matters and rumors) began being told within the whole mountain country of the Judean [district]. 66 And all those hearing [this] placed (= pondered) [them] within their hearts, from time to time saying, "What will this little boy proceed really being?" You see, [the] Lord's [= Yahweh's] hand continued being also with him. 67 And then Zechariah, his father, was filled with a set-apart Breath-effect (or: a sacred spirit and attitude; or: a holy wind; or: [the] Holy Spirit), and he prophesied, saying, 68 "‘ [The] Lord [= Yahweh], the God of Israel, is characterized by good words and blessings,’ [Ps. 41:14] because He visits and closely looks upon with attentiveness, and also creates a loosing and liberation, for (or: in; to; among) His people. 69 "And He raises up a horn of deliverance (rescue; safety; health and wholeness; salvation) for us within the midst of His boy David's house, 70 "Just and correspondingly as He spoke through [the] mouth of His set-apart (or: holy) prophets from [that] age, 71 " [about] a deliverance (rescue; safety; health and wholeness; salvation) from out of the midst our enemies, and from out of [the] hand of all those constantly hating us and repeatedly treating us with ill will, 72 "to do (or: perform; form; construct; create) mercy with our fathers, and to have called to mind His set-apart (or: holy) arrangement (thorough setting and placement; covenant; testament): 73 "an oath (solemn promise) which He swore to Abraham, our father, 74 "to give to us – upon being drug out of danger from [the] hand of enemies – 75 "to fearlessly render habitual sacred, public service to Him, in pious ways sanctioned by divine law and in accord to the way pointed out (or: with [covenant] fairness, equity, justice and right relationships) in His sight (or: before Him and in His presence) for all our days. 76 "Now you also, little boy, will proceed being called a prophet of [the] Most High, for you will continue to ‘go your way before and in the sight and presence of [the] Lord [= Yahweh], to prepare and make ready His paths (roads; ways) ’: [Mal. 3:1; Isa. 40:3] 77 "to give intimate, experiential knowledge of deliverance (salvation; safety; rescue; health and wholeness; return to the original state and condition) to and for His people, in conjunction with a sending away (a divorcing; an abandoning; a flowing away; forgiveness) of their mistakes, failures, shortcomings, deviations and sins, 78 "because of our God's inner organs which are composed of mercy (= His tender compassions which have the character and quality of mercy), in union with and amidst which an upward performance and a rising (= a daybreak) from out of the midst of an exaltation (or: from on high), 79 "to at once ‘shine upon the people continuously sitting within the midst of darkness the realm of the shadow and obscurity; dimness and gloom’ [Isa. 9:1] – even within death's shadow; to cause our feet to be fully straight and to [walk] in correspondence to straightness, into the path (way; road) of peace [= shalom]." 80 Now the little boy was continuing to progressively grow and increase, and was being progressively made stronger in Breath-effect (or: by [the] Spirit; in spirit; with an attitude), and later he continued existing within the midst of desolate places (deserts; uninhabited areas; wildernesses) until the day of his upward exhibit (the raising aloft to show him) to Israel.
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