JMNT(i) 1 Within a beginning (or: In union with Headship and Sovereignty) there was the Logos (the Word; the Thought; the collection of thoughts; the Idea; the Reason; the discourse; the communication; the verbal expression). And the Logos (the idea; the thought; the expression; the Word) was facing, [directed, and moving] toward, (or: continued being face to face with) God. And the Logos (the Word; the thought; the idea; the reason; the expression) continued being God.
(or: Originally, within the midst of the first principle, the Word was existing and continued to be, and the Word was being [projected] toward God. And this Word, It was existing actually being God;
or: In command was Reason, and Reason was staying with God, for Reason was just what God was;
or: The Thought was in the midst of [the] Source, the Thought was oriented toward Deity, and the Thought was [an extension of] Deity;
or: In beginning, the collected and put side by side Thoughts continued in progressive existence, and the collected and put side by side Thoughts continued being a progression to God, and God {“the Divine Mystery” – Paul Tillich's definition of theos} was in continued existence being those collected and put side by side Thoughts;
or: In union with [the] beginning there was the continued existence of the Idea, and the Idea was continued existence face to face with God, and the Idea continued in existence being “the Divine Mystery;”
or: In beginning, the Word continued Being. Then the Word was Being directed toward God. And yet the Word was Being God;
or: Within the power of beginning – which is the controlling principle and power of the entire process – there existed the Idea, and the Idea was aimed at and moving toward God.
Also, the Idea existed being God). 2 This (or: This One) was continuing in existence, within a power of beginning and in union with Headship and Sovereign principle, facing [directed, and moving] toward (or: staying with) God. 3 All things (or: All humanity; [The] whole) come to be (or: was at some time birthed; occur; or: came to be; were birthed; or: suddenly happened) through and by means of It (i.e., the Word; or: Him), and apart from It (or: Him) not even one thing comes into being (occurs; was birthed; came into being; happens) which has come into being (which has occurred; which has happened). 4 Within It (or: Him), life was continuing and progressively existing (or: In It was life [as a source]; [Aleph, D and others witnesses read present tense: In union with it there continues being life; Life progressively exists within the midst of It]). And the life was continuing being, and began progressively existing as, the Light of mankind (or: Furthermore, the Light progressively came to be the life known as "humanity," and was for human beings; or: Then the life was existing being the light from the humans). 5 And the Light is constantly shining in the dim and shadowed places, and keeps on progressively giving light within the gloomy darkness where there is no light (or: within the midst the obscurity of The Darkness where there is no light of The Day; or: = in the ignorant condition or system). And yet the darkness does not grasp or receive it on the same level (or: Furthermore, the Darkness did not take it down, so as to overcome it or put it out; or: = the ignorant condition or system would have none of it, nor receive it down into itself [in order to perceive it]; But that darkness does not correspondingly accept It nor commensurately take It in hand so as to follow the pattern or be in line with Its bidding). 6 A man came to be (was birthed), being one having been sent forth with a mission, as a representative, from God’s side (or: having been commissioned as an emissary and sent forth from beside God; having been sent forth to the side, as an envoy, whose source was God); a name for him: John. 7 This one came into a testimony (or: went to witness; came for evidence), to the end that he may give testimony (be a witness; show evidence) about The Light, so that all humanity (or: everyone) would at some point come to believe and trust through him (or: by means of it). 8 That person (= He) was not The Light, but rather [he came] so that he could give testimony (would be a witness; should present evidence) about The Light. 9 It was (or: He was, and continued being) the True and Genuine Light which (or: Who) is continuously (repeatedly; progressively) enlightening (giving light to) every person (or: human) continuously (repeatedly; progressively; constantly; one after another) coming into the world (or: the ordered system of culture, religion, economics and government; or: the universe) (or: It was the real Light, progressively coming into the world {organized system}, which is progressively enlightening {or: shedding light on} every human). 10 It was (or: He was, and continued existing being) within the world (or: ordered system), and the world (ordered system) came to be (or: was birthed) through It (or: by means of Him), and the world (ordered system; or: cosmos) did not have intimate, experiential knowledge of It (or: did not recognize Him; had no insight into It). 11 It (or: He) came into Its (or: His) own things (possessions, or people), and It’s own (or: His own) people did not receive It (or: Him) and take It (or: Him) to their side. 12 Yet, as many as receive It (or: took Him) – to the ones habitually trusting and believing into Its Name (or: His Name) – It gives (or: He gave) to them (or: for them; in them) authority ([the] right; or: privilege from out of the midst of Being) to be birthed (or: to become) God’s children (born ones), 13 who are born (or: were given birth) not out of bloods (or: [flows] of blood), neither forth from the will of flesh (or: from the intent of a flesh [ceremony]), nor yet out of the will (purpose; intent) of an adult male, but to the contrary, from out of the midst of God! 14 And so The Word (the Idea; the Thought; the Reason; the Discourse; the Message; The Collected Expression of Rational Logic; The Logos; = the meaning, plan and rational purpose of the ordered universe) births Itself flesh (or: became flesh; came to be [in] flesh; came into existence being flesh; = God's thought, the ground of all real existence, became projected into creation as an immanent power within the world of mankind, inhabiting flesh), and lives in a tent, within us (or: set up a tent and tabernacled among us), and we view (attentively gaze at; looked at so as to contemplate) Its (or: His) glory (Its manifestation which calls forth praise; Its appearance which creates and effects opinions in regard to the whole of human experience; = His manifest presence): a glory (= prestige and importance; reputation and opinion-forming appearance) as of an only-begotten one at a father’s side (or: [the] glory from [the presence of the] Father, as a uniquely-born One), full of grace and truth (filled with favor as well as reality and genuineness). 15 John is continuing witnessing about It (or: Him) and has cried out, repeatedly saying, "This One was the One of Whom I said, 'The One progressively coming behind me has come to be in front of me (or: has taken precedence of me),' because He was existing first, before me (or: ‘that He was first [in place and station] in regard to me’)," 16 because we all at some point receive (take with our hands) from out of the result of His filling (or: the effect of Its full contents; that which fills Him up): even grace in the place of grace (or: favor corresponding to and facing favor; a [new fresh] gracious favor in the place of and replacing [the previous] gracious favor; [one] joyous favor after and exchanged for [another] joyous favor), 17 because the Law was given through Moses, yet grace and truth are birthed (or: joyous favor and reality came to be) through Jesus Christ. 18 No one at any time has seen God. The only-begotten (uniquely-born) God [other MSS: Son], the One continuously existing, [moving, directed and leading] into the Father’s place of safety and intimacy (bosom; breast; chest; folds of a garment; inlet or bay), that One interprets and explains by unfolding and bringing [Him] out. 19 And this is (or: continues being) the testimony of John (the witness having its source in John), when the [religious authorities of the] Jews sent forth the priests and the Levites [note: thus, these may have included some Sadducees] as emissaries out of Jerusalem toward (or: to) him – to the end that they may ask him, "You, who are you?" – 20 and he confessed and did not deny, even agreed that, "I am not the Christ (the Anointed One; = the Messiah)." 21 And so they asked him, "What, then? Are you Elijah?" And then he continues saying, "I am not." "Are you The Prophet?" Then he distinctly replied, "No!" 22 Therefore they said to him, "Who are you, so that we may give a decided reply to the ones sending us – what are you in the habit of saying about yourself?" 23 He affirmed, "I am a voice (or: [the] sound) of one repeatedly calling out loudly (crying out; exclaiming; imploring) within the desolate place (the wilderness; the uninhabited region; the lonely place), 'Straighten the way of [the] Lord (the Lord’s road; the path pertaining to [the] Lord [= Yahweh or Christ, the Messiah]) (or: habitually shouting, ‘Make straight in the wilderness the way originating in [the] Owner [= Yahweh or Christ] ’)!' [Isa. 40:3] just as Isaiah, the prophet, said." 24 Now the folks having been sent as emissaries were [sent] from the Pharisees. 25 And then they asked him, and said to him, "Why, then, are you continuously immersing (or: baptizing), since (or: if) you are not the Christ nor Elijah nor The Prophet?" [note: by immersing folks, either John was treating the Jews as non-Jewish proselytes, or else it should be the Messiah, or His representative, initiating Israel into the new Age – if all the Jews were now supposed to be immersed] 26 John replies distinctly to them, saying, "I am repeatedly immersing (baptizing) within water. He, Whom you men have not seen or perceived, and have no knowledge of or acquaintance with, has stood in your midst [other MSS: continues presently standing in your midst]. 27 "He is the very One, Who, progressively coming behind me, has come to be in front of me, of Whom I am not worthy (equal of value) that I should loose the lace (strap; thong) of His sandal." 28 These things occurred (or: came into being) in Bethany, on the other side of the Jordan, where John was living his life (or: was existing), repeatedly immersing. 29 The next day (or: On the morrow) he is looking at and observing Jesus progressively coming toward him, and he begins saying, "Look! (Pay attention, see and perceive)! God’s Lamb (or: the Lamb from God; the Lamb having the character and qualities of God; or, in apposition: the Lamb which is God), the One continuously lifting up and progressively carrying away the Sin of the world, and removing the sin which belongs to and is a part of the System (or: habitually picking up and taking away the failure and error brought on by the organized system; progressively removing the falling short and the missing of the goal from the world of culture, religion, economy and government [= from humanity and secular society])! 30 "This One is He over whose situation [other MSS: concerning Whom] I said, 'An adult male is progressively coming behind me Who has come to be in front of me,' because he was existing before me (or: was continuously being first in rank and importance in regard to me). 31 "And I had not seen Him to know, recognize or be aware of Him, but nevertheless, to the end that He may be brought to light in (or: for) Israel (or: be manifested to Israel) – because of this – I came continuously immersing (or: baptizing) in water." 32 And John testified (gave witness), repeatedly saying that, "I have viewed and continued gazing at, so that I can now visualize, the Spirit progressively stepping down (or: the Breath-effect continuously descending), as a dove, forth from out of [the] atmosphere (or: as a pigeon out of the sky, or from heaven), and It remains and dwells upon Him (or: It abode upon Him). 33 "And yet, I had not seen Him to know or be aware of Him! But further, the One sending me to be habitually immersing (baptizing) in water, that One said to me, 'Upon whomever you may see the Spirit progressively stepping down (or: the Breath-effect continuously descending) and then continuously remaining (dwelling; abiding) upon Him, this One is (continuously exists being) the One progressively (or: habitually) immersing (or: baptizing) within a set-apart spirit (or: in [the] Holy Spirit; in union with the Sacred Breath).' 34 "And so I myself have seen and given witness, and thus now bear testimony, that this One is God’s Son (or: continuously exists being the Son which is God; or: the Son having the character and qualities of God; or: the Son from God)." 35 The next day (or: On the morrow) John, and two from among his disciples, again had taken a stand and now stood [there]. 36 Later, gazing upon Jesus progressively walking around, he is saying, "Look (Pay attention and perceive; See and consider)! God’s Lamb (or: The Lamb whose origin is God; or: the Lamb which is God)." 37 And his two disciples hear (or: heard; listen) as he is speaking, and then they follow (or: followed with) Jesus. 38 Now Jesus, being suddenly turned and then viewing (or: gazing at) them following, is saying to them, "What are you seeking (or: What do you habitually look for)?" Yet they said to Him, "Rabbi," – which, being translated and explained, is normally being called (or: termed) "Teacher" – "where are you presently staying (or: habitually remaining and dwelling)?" 39 He replies to them, "Be coming, and you will proceed seeing for yourselves [other MSS: Come and see (or: perceive)]." They went (or: came), then, and saw (or: perceived) where He is presently staying (habitually remaining and dwelling), then stayed at His side (or: remained with Him) that day. It was about the tenth hour. 40 Now Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the two hearing at John’s side, and following Him. 41 This one [i.e., Andrew] is first finding his own brother, Simon, and is saying to him, "We have found the Messiah [and so now know Who and where He is]!" – which is presently being translated with explanation, 'Christ ([the] Anointed One)' – "so we now know Who and where He is!" 42 And so he led him toward Jesus. Looking within (or: on) him, Jesus said, "You are Simon, the son of John [other MSS: Jonah]. You will be called Cephas" – which is presently being translated and interpreted, "Peter (a stone)." 43 The next day (or: On the morrow), He decided (or: He wants) to go out into Galilee. And then Jesus is finding Philip and proceeds saying to him, "Be constantly following Me!" 44 Now Philip was from (= had been living in) Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. [note: both Philip and Andrew are Greek names, a sign of Hellenization] 45 Philip proceeds finding Nathaniel [note: probably also called Bartholomew] and says to him, "We have found the One [of] Whom Moses wrote within the Law and the Prophets: Jesus – Joseph’s son (or: a son of Joseph) – the one from Nazareth!" 46 Then Nathaniel said to him, "Can anything good be out of Nazareth?" Philip continues, saying to him, "Come and see." 47 Jesus saw Nathaniel progressively coming toward Him, and He begins saying about him, "Look, and pay attention: truly an Israelite, within whom exists (or: there continues being) no deceit (bait or contrivance for entrapping; fraud; guile)!" 48 Nathaniel says to Him, "From where (or: what place) are you having an intimate knowledge of me?" Jesus decidedly answers, and said to him, "Before Philip made a sound to call out to you, [you] being under the fig tree, I saw you." 49 Nathaniel considered and replied to Him, "Rabbi, You – You are the Son of God! You – You are Israel’s King!" 50 Jesus decidedly answers, and said to him, "Because I said to you that I saw you down under the fig tree, you are believing (or: trusting)? You will continue seeing greater things than these." 51 And He is further saying to him, "It is certainly true (or: Amen, amen; Most truly; Count on it). I am presently saying to you folks, you will proceed seeing the heaven (or: atmosphere; sky) being one that is opened back up again, and 'God’s agents repeatedly (progressively; continuously) ascending (stepping back up again) and habitually (progressively; continuously; repeatedly) descending (stepping down) ' [Gen. 28:12] upon the Son of the Man (or: Mankind’s Son; the Son of humanity; the Human Son; = the Human Being; = the eschatological Messianic figure)."