John 21

JMNT(i) 1 After these things, Jesus at one point manifested Himself (or: displays and discloses Himself; causes Himself to be seen in clear light) again to the disciples, upon [the shore] of Lake (or: the sea of) Tiberias. Now He manifested (or: manifests) in this way: 2 Simon Peter, Thomas – the one normally being called "the Twin" (Didymus), Nathaniel – the one from Cana of the Galilee [area], the [sons] of Zebedee and two others of His disciples, had been continuing being together, in the same place. 3 Simon Peter is then saying to them, "I am under way (departing; going off) to continue my habit of fishing!" They are then saying to him, "As for us, we are also coming together with you!" So out they went and stepped straight into the boat (or: and immediately boarded the ship). But during (or: within) that night, they caught nothing. 4 Now already, with [the] progressive birthing of morning coming to be, Jesus [comes] into the seashore (or: unto the beach) [and] stands [there]. The disciples, however (or: of course), had not clearly seen or perceived, so as to know that it is Jesus. 5 Jesus then says to them, "Lads (or: Fellows), are you not holding anything eatable (or: Boys, do you have nothing, such as fish, to add to your bread)?" They considered, and replied to Him, "No." 6 So He said to them, "You men cast the net into the areas at the right of the boat... and you will be finding [something]." Therefore, they cast [it], and were no longer having the strength to draw (or: drag; tug) it away from the great number of fish (or: because of the multitude of the fishes). 7 Then, that disciple whom Jesus was loving says to Peter, "It is the Lord (or: He is the Master)!" On hearing that it is the Lord, Simon Peter at once put on his fisherman's shirt (an outer garment), tucking it under his girdle – for he was stripped for work (partially clad; naked) – and threw himself (plunged) into the lake (or: sea). 8 Yet the other disciples came in the [Concordant text adds: other] little boat – for they were not far from land, in fact, about three hundred feet (two hundred cubits) away – progressively dragging in the net of fish (or: fishes). 9 Then, as they stepped off (disembarked) onto land, they continued staring (looking) at a charcoal fire lying there with cooked fish (food fish) still lying upon [it], and bread. 10 Jesus is then saying to them, "Bring away some of the fish (food fish) which you just now caught." 11 Simon Peter therefore went back (or: stepped up) and dragged ashore (onto land) the net, filled and distended with one hundred fifty-three large (or: big) fish. And yet, [there] being so many of them, the net was not split (torn; rent). 12 Jesus says to them, "Come folks! Have breakfast!" Now not one of the disciples was daring to inquire of Him, "You... who are You?" – having seen to perceive and so being aware and knowing that it is the Lord (or: He is the Master). 13 Jesus is then coming and proceeds taking the bread, and likewise the fish, and continues presently giving [it] to them. 14 Now this [is] already [the] third [time; situation in which] Jesus was manifested (was displayed in clear light) to (or: for) the disciples [after; since] being raised up from out of the midst of dead folks. 15 Then, when they had finished breakfast, Jesus says to Simon Peter, "Simon of John [other MSS: Jonah], are you continuously loving Me (accepting Me without restriction) more than these (= more than you love these folks, or, more that these folks love Me)?" He [Peter] says to Him, "Yes, Lord (Master), You, Yourself, have seen and know that I am fond of (or: like) You and am Your friend." He [Jesus] says to him, "As a herdsman, be habitually feeding (or: grazing) and tending My young lambs!" 16 Again, a second [time], He continues, saying to him, "Simon of John [or: Jonah], are you continuously loving Me (is your whole being progressively driving toward accepting reunion with Me)?" He [Peter] says to Him, "Yes, Lord (Master), You, Yourself, have seen and know that I am fond of (or: like) You and am Your friend." He [Jesus] says to him, "Constantly shepherd (herd for grazing; = lead, protect, care for, nourish) My sheep [other MSS: small sheep]!" 17 "Simon of John [or: Jonah]," He continues, a third [time] saying to him, "Do you like Me and are you habitually My friend, having fondness and affection for Me?" Peter was made to grieve and be sad and sorry, because He said to him, the third [time], "Are you habitually My friend, liking and having fondness and affection for Me?" So he said to Him, "O Lord, You, Yourself, have seen and know all things. YOU continue knowing by progressive intimate experience that I like You and continue as a friend with affection and fondness for You." Jesus says to him, "As a herdsman, be habitually feeding (or: grazing) and tending My sheep [other MSS: small sheep]! 18 "Most assuredly (Amen, amen) I say to you [note: singular], when you were younger, you used to clothe and gird yourself, and you habitually walked around where you were consecutively setting your will (intending; purposing). Yet whenever you may grow old and decrepit, you will proceed stretching out your hands, and another will continue clothing and girding you, and will proceed carrying you where you are not intending (willing)." 19 Now He said this showing by a sign (or: signifying) by what sort of death he [Peter] will continue bringing glory (a manifestation which calls forth praise and a good reputation) to God. And saying this, He continues in saying to him, "Continue following Me!" 20 Now Peter, being turned around, continues looking at the disciple progressively following along behind – [the one] whom Jesus was loving, who also leaned back upon His chest during supper and said to Him, "O Lord, who is the one giving You over?" 21 Peter, therefore, seeing and perceiving this one, says to Jesus, "Lord (Master), now what [of] this man?" 22 Jesus then says to him, "If I am intending (willing; purposing) him to continue remaining until I am progressively coming, what [is it; effect comes] toward you? As for you, you be habitually following Me!" 23 Then this word (saying; message; idea) went forth unto (or: into the midst of) the brothers (= fellow believers; members of the group) – that that disciple continues not dying off. Yet Jesus did not say to him that he continues not dying off, but rather, "If I am intending (willing; purposing) him to continue remaining until I am progressively coming, what [is it; effect comes] toward you?" 24 This is the disciple: even the one constantly witnessing and testifying about these things, even the one writing these things – and we have seen and know that his witness (testimony) is true (genuine; real). 25 Now there are also many other things which Jesus did (performed; made; created; produced), which things – if ever it could be progressively written, one by one (= in full detail) – I am imagining (or: continue evaluating and supposing) that not even the organized System (world; society at large; arranged order; cosmos) itself will [be able] to contain the scrolls being constantly written. [written circa 40-65 – Based on the critical analysis of John A.T. Robinson]