Revelation 21:6

JMNT(i) 6 Then He said to me, "They have come into being (been born; come to be) and stand accomplished (are produced) [Concordant Gr. Text reads, with Sinaiticus: I have become (been born)!; Griesbach reads gegone: It has been done; Rotherham simply says: Accomplished; Barclay, Young, Beck, NASB, NKJV, Amplified all read w/Griesbach; Weymouth, Williams, Wuest, Robertson & Vincent read w/the Nestle-Aland & Metzger Text, gegonan (3rd. per. pl.)]! I am the Alpha and the Omega: The Beginning (Origin; Source; Headship; First Principle) and The End (The Goal; Consummation; The Finished Product; The Destiny; The Purpose). "To him who is continuously thirsty, I will continue giving from out of the spring (or: fountain) of the Water of the Life, as an undeserved (free) gift (or: I will freely continue giving...).