G2364 θυγάτηρ - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a daughter
a daughter
a daughter; hence (Hebraistic?), of any female descendent, however far removed; even of one unrelated: my young lady.
a female child, or (by Hebraism) descendant (or inhabitant)
Derivation: apparently a primary word (compare "daughter");

KJV Usage: daughter.

1) a daughter
1a) a daughter of God
1a1) acceptable to God, rejoicing in God's peculiar care and protection
1b) with the name of a place, city, or region
1b1) denotes collectively all its inhabitants and citizens
1c) a female descendant

Apparently a primary word (compare “daughter”); a female child, or (by Hebraism) descendant (or inhabitant)

KJV Usage: daughter.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

thugater H802 ishshah
thugater H1323 bat
thugater H1733 dodah