G2243 Ἡλίας - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

Elijah, the prophet.
Helias (i.e. Elijah), an Israelite
Derivation: of Hebrew origin (H452);

KJV Usage: Elias.

Ἡλείας (Rec. Ἡλίας; L Tr., Ἡίας; T, Ἡλείας; cf. WH, App., 155, Intr., § 408), -ου (-α, Luk.1:17, WH), ὁ (Heb. אֵלִיָּה,),
Elijah (
Refs 3Ki.17:1-24, al.): Mat.11:14 16:14 17:3-4, 10-12 27:47, 49, Mrk.6:15 8:28 9:4-5, 11-13 15:35-36 Luk.1:17 4:25-26 9:8, 19 9:30, 33 9:54, Jhn.1:21, 25, Jas.5:17
; ἐν Ἠ., in the portion concerning E., Rom.11:2.†
1) a prophet born at Thisbe, the unflinching champion of the theocracy in the reigns of the idolatrous kings Ahab and Ahaziah. He was taken up to heaven without dying, whence the Jews expected he would return just before the advent of the Messiah, whom he would prepare the minds of the Israelites to receive.
Literal: Elijah = "my God is Jehovah"

Of Hebrew origin [H452]; Helias (that is, Elijah), an Israelite

KJV Usage: Elias.

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30 occurrences of G2243 Ἡλίας

Matthew 11:14 Elijah,
Matthew 16:14 Elijah;
Matthew 17:3 Elijah
Matthew 17:4 for Elijah.
Matthew 17:10 Elijah
Matthew 17:11 Elijah
Matthew 17:12 Elijah
Matthew 27:47 Elijah.
Matthew 27:49 Elijah
Mark 6:15 Elijah.
Mark 8:28 say, Elijah;
Mark 9:4 Elijah
Mark 9:5 for Elijah.
Mark 9:11 Elijah
Mark 9:12 Elijah
Mark 9:13 Elijah
Mark 15:35 Elijah.
Mark 15:36 Elijah
Luke 1:17 of Elijah,
Luke 4:25 of Elijah,
Luke 4:26 Elijah
Luke 9:8 Elijah
Luke 9:19 say, Elijah;
Luke 9:30 Elijah:
Luke 9:33 Elijah:
Luke 9:54 Elijah
John 1:21 Elijah?
John 1:25 Elijah,
Romans 11:2 Elijah?
James 5:17 Elijah

Distinct usage

12 Elijah
3 Elijah.
2 Elijah,
2 Elijah
2 of Elijah,
2 Elijah:
2 Elijah?
2 for Elijah.
2 say, Elijah;
1 Elijah;

Related words

G2243 Ἡλίας

H452 אליּהוּ אליּה 'êlı̂yâh 'êlı̂yâhû

אליּהוּ אליּה
'êlı̂yâh 'êlı̂yâhû
ay-lee-yaw', ay-lee-yaw'-hoo
From H410 and H3050; God of Jehovah; Elijah, the name of the famous prophet and of two other Israelites

KJV Usage: Elijah, Eliah.