1 G3706 The vision G3739 which G1492 [4beheld G* 1Isaiah G5207 2son G* 3of Amoz], G3739 which G1492 he beheld G2596 against G3588   G* Judea, G2532 and G2596 against G* Jerusalem, G1722 during G932 the kingdom G* of Uzziah, G2532 and G* Jotham, G2532 and G* Ahaz, G2532 and G* Hezekiah, G3739 the ones who G936 reigned over G3588   G* Judea.
  2 G191 Hear, G3772 O heaven, G2532 and G1801 give ear G1093 O earth! G3754 For G2962 the lord G2980 spoke, saying, G5207 [2sons G1080 1I have engendered], G2532 and G5312 raised them, G1473 but they G1161   G1473 disregarded me. G114  
  3 G1097 [2knows G1016 1 The ox] G3588 the G2932 one acquiring it, G2532 and G3688 the donkey G3588 knows the G5336 stable G3588   G2962 of its master; G1473   G* but Israel G1161   G1473 [3me G3756 1does not G1097 2know], G2532 and G3588   G2992 my people G1473   G3756 perceived not. G4920  
  4 G3759 Woe, G1484 [2nation G268 1O sinful], G2992 people G4134 full G266 of sins, G4690 [2seed G4190 1an evil], G5207 [2sons G459 1lawless]. G1459 You abandoned G3588 the G2962 lord, G2532 and G3949 provoked to anger G3588 the G39 holy one G3588   G* of Israel; G526 they were separated G1519 into G3588 the G3694 rear.
  5 G5100 Why G2089 still G4141 should you be struck, G4369 proceeding G458 in lawlessness? G3956 The whole G2776 head G1519 is in G4192 misery, G2532 and G3956 the whole G2588 heart G1519 is in G3077 distress.
  6 G575 From G4228 feet G2193 unto G2776 head G3756 there is no G1510.2.3   G1722 [2in G1473 3it G3647 1wholeness]. G3777 Neither G5134 wound, G3777 nor G3468 stripe, G3777 nor G4127 [2wound G5392.1 1inflamed] are healed; G3756 there is no G1510.2.3   G3118.4 dressing G2007 to place upon it, G3777 nor G1637 oil, G3777 nor G2610.3 bandages.
  7 G3588   G1093 Your land G1473   G2048 is desolate; G3588   G4172 your cities G1473   G4446.1 scorched; G3588   G5561 your place G1473   G1799 before G1473 you -- G245 strangers G2719 devoure G1473 it, G2532 and G2049 it is made desolate, G2690 being eradicated G5259 by G2992 [2peoples G245 1alien].
  8 G1459 [4shall be abandoned G3588 1The G2364 2daughter G* 3of Zion] G5613 as G4633 a tent G1722 in G290 a vineyard, G2532 and G5613 as G3703.1 a storehouse G1722 in G4608.3 a cucumber garden, G5613 as G4172 a city G4171.2 being assaulted.
  9 G2532 And G1508 unless G2962 the lord G4519 of Hosts G1459 left G1473 us G4690 a seed, G5613 [2as G* 3Sodom G302 1we would have become], G1096   G2532 and G5613 [2as G* 3Gomorrah G302   G3666 1likened].
  10 G191 Hear G3056 the word G2962 of the lord, G758 O rulers G* of Sodom! G4337 Take heed to G3551 the law G2316 of our God, G1473   G2992 O people G* of Gomorrah!
  11 G5100 What are G1473 [3to me G4128 1 the multitude G3588   G2378 2of your sacrifices], G1473   G3004 says G2962 the lord ? G4134 I am full G1510.2.1   G3646 of whole burnt-offerings G2919.1 of rams, G2532 and G4720.1 fat G704 of lambs; G2532 and G129 [3blood G5022 4of bulls G2532 5and G5131 6he-goats G3756 1I do not G1014 2want].
  12 G3761 And neither G302   G2064 should you come G3708 to appear G1473 to me; G5100 for who G1063   G1567 required G3778 these G1537 from out of G3588   G5495 your hands? G1473   G3961 [3to tread G3588   G833 4my courtyard G1473   G3756 1You shall not G4369 2proceed].
  13 G1437 If G5342 you should bring G4585 fine flour, G3152 it is in vain; G2368 incense G946 [2an abomination G1473 3to me G1510.2.3 1is]; G3588   G3561 [3your new moons G1473   G2532 4and G3588 5the G4521 6Sabbaths G2532 7and G2250 9day G3173 8 the great G3756 1I cannot G430 2endure].
  14 G3521 Your fasting, G2532 and G691.1 idleness, G2532 and G3588   G3561 your new moons, G1473   G2532 and G3588   G1859 your holidays G1473   G3404 [3detests G3588   G5590 2soul G1473 1my]. G1096 You became G1473 to me G1519 as G4140 a glut; G3765 no longer G447 shall I spare G3588   G266 your sins. G1473  
  15 G3752 Whenever G1614 you should stretch out G3588 your G5495 hands, G654 I shall turn G3588   G3788 my eyes G1473   G575 from G1473 you. G2532 And G1437 if G4129 you should multiply G3588   G1162 your supplication, G3756 I will not G1522 listen to G1473 you, G3588   G1063 for G5495 your hands G1473   G129 [2of blood G4134 1 are full].
  16 G3068 Bathe yourself! G2513 [2clean G1096 1Become]! G851 Remove G3588 the G4189 wickednesses G575 from G3588   G5590 your souls G1473   G561 before G3588   G3788 my eyes! G1473   G3973 Cease G575 from G3588   G4189 your wickednesses! G1473  
  17 G3129 Learn G2570 [2good G4160 1to do]! G1567 Inquire G2920 of equity! G4506 Rescue G91 the one wronged! G2919 Judge G3737 for the orphan! G2532 and G1344 do justice G5503 for the widow!
  18 G2532 And G1205 come, G1326.4 we should plead, G3004 says G2962 the lord . G2532 And G1437 if G1510.3 [2should be G3588   G266 1your sins] G1473   G5613 as G5402.1 crimson, G5613 [2as G5510 3snow G3021 1I shall whiten]; G1437 and if G1161   G1510.3 they should be G5613 as G2847 scarlet, G5613 [2as G2053 3wool G3021 1I shall whiten].
  19 G2532 And G1437 if G2309 you should want, G2532 and G1522 if you should listen to G1473 me, G3588 [2the G18 3good things G3588 4of the G1093 5earth G2068 1you shall eat].
  20 G1437 But if G1161   G3361 you should not G2309 want, G3366 nor G1522 should you listen to G1473 me, G3162 a sword G1473 [2you G2719 1shall devour]. G3588 For the G1473   G4750 mouth G2962 of the lord G2980 spoke G3778 these things .
  21 G4459 O how G1096 [4became G4204 5a harlot G4172 2city G4103 1 the trustworthy G* 3Zion], G4134 full G2920 of judgment; G1722 in G3739 which G1343 righteousness G2837 slept G1722 in G1473 it, G3568 but now G1161   G5406.1 murderers.
  22 G3588   G694 Your silver G1473   G96 is debased; G3588   G2585.1 your peddlers G1473   G3403.1 mingle G3588 the G3631 wine G5204 with water.
  23 G3588   G758 Your rulers G1473   G544 resist persuasion, G2844 they are partners G2812 of thieves, G25 loving G1435 bribes, G1377 pursuing G468 recompense, G3737 [3for orphans G3756 1not G2919 2arbitrating], G2532 and G2920 [3equity G5503 4of widows G3756 1not G4337 2heeding].
  24 G1223 On account of G3778 this, G3592 thus G3004 says G3588 the G1203 master, G2962 the lord G4519 of Hosts, G3759 Woe G3588 the ones G2480 being strong G* of Israel, G3756 [4will not G3973 5cease G1063 1for G1473 2my G3588   G2372 3rage] G1722 among G3588 the G5227 contrary ones, G2532 and G2920 [2judgment G1537 3on G3588   G2190 4my enemies G1473   G4160 1I will execute].
  25 G2532 And G1863 I will bring G3588   G5495 my hand G1473   G1909 against G1473 you, G2532 and G4448 I will purify G1473 you G1519 to G2513 cleanness. G3588 But the ones G1161   G544 resisting persuasion G622 I will destroy, G2532 and G851 I will remove G3956 all G459 lawless ones G575 from G1473 you.
  26 G2532 And G3956 all G5244 the proud G5013 I will abase; G2532 and G2186 I will stand G3588   G2923 your judges G1473   G5613 as G3588   G4387 formerly, G2532 and G3588   G4825 your counselors G1473   G5613 as G3588   G575 at G746 the beginning. G2532 And G3326 after G3778 these things G2564 you shall be called, G4172 City G1343 of Righteousness, G3390 [2mother-city G4103 1 the trustworthy] G* Zion.
  27 G3326 For with G1063   G2917 judgment G4982 [2shall be delivered G3588   G161 1her captivity], G1473   G2532 and G3326 with G1654 charity.
  28 G2532 And G4937 [6shall be broken G3588 1the G459 2lawless ones G2532 3and G3588 4the G268 5sinners] G260 together; G2532 and G3588 the G1459 ones abandoning G3588 the G2962 lord G4931 shall be finished off entirely.
  29 G1360 For G153 they shall be ashamed G575 of G3588   G1497 their idols, G1473   G3739 which G1473 they G1014 preferred; G2532 and G1870 they shall be ashamed G1909 over G3588 the G2779 gardens G3739 which G1937 they desired.
  30 G1510.8.6 For they will be G1063   G5613 as G5059.2 a terebinth tree G577 throwing off G3588   G5444 its leaves, G2532 and G5613 as G3857 a park G5204 [3water G3361 1not G2192 2having].
  31 G2532 And G1510.8.3 [2will be G3588   G2479 1their strength] G1473   G5613 as G2562 the stubble G4769.2 of hemp; G2532 and G3588   G2039 their works G1473   G5613 as G4696.1 sparks, G2532 and G2618 [6shall be incinerated G3588 1the G459 2lawless ones G2532 3and G3588 4the G268 5sinners] G260 together, G2532 and G3756 there will not be G1510.8.3   G3588 one G4570 extinguishing.