Isaiah 58

  1 G310 Yell out G1722 in G2479 strength! G2532 and G3361 you should not spare. G5339   G5613 As G4536 a trumpet, G5312 raise up high G3588   G5456 your voice, G1473   G2532 and G312 announce G3588 to G2992 my people G1473   G3588   G265 their sins, G1473   G2532 and G3588 to the G3624 house G* of Jacob G3588   G457.2 their lawless deeds!
  2 G1473 [2me G2250 3day G1537 4by G2250 5day G2212 1They seek], G2532 and G1097 [2to know G1473 3my G3588   G3598 4ways G1937 1they desire], G5613 as G2992 a people G1343 [2righteousness G4160 1executing], G2532 and G2920 [3judgment G2316 4of their God G1473   G3361 1not G1459 2abandoning]. G154 They ask G1473 me G3568 now G2920 [2judgment G1342 1for a just], G2532 and G1448 [2to approach G2316 3to God G1937 1they desire],
  3 G3004 saying, G5100 Why is it G3754 that G3522 we fasted, G2532 and G3756 you did not G1492 look? G5013 Why did we humble G3588   G5590 our souls, G1473   G2532 and G3756 you did not G1097 know? G1722 For in G1063   G3588 the G2250 days G3588   G3521 of your fasts G1473   G2147 you find G3588 the things G2307 of your wants, G1473   G2532 and G3956 all G3588 the ones G5297.2 under your hands G1473   G5283.1 you goad.
  4 G1519 [2for G2920 3litigations G2532 4and G3163 5fights G3522 1You fast], G2532 and G5180 you beat G4435 [2 with your fists G5011 1 the humble]. G2444 Why G1473 [2to me G3522 1do you fast] G5613 as G4594 you do today? G191 [2to be heard G1722 3in G2906 4a cry G3588   G5456 1 is it for your voice]? G1473  
  5 G3756 [2not G3778 4this G3588   G3521 5fast G1586 1I did 3choose], G2532 nor G2250 a day G5013 [2to humble G444 1for a man] G3588   G5590 his soul; G1473   G3761 nor G302 even G2578 should you bend G5613 [2as G2916.1 3a hook G3588   G5137 1your neck], G1473   G2532 nor G4526 [2sackcloth G2532 3and G4700 4ashes G5291 1should you spread under you], G3761 nor G3779 thus G2564 shall you call G3521 [2fast G1184 1an acceptable].
  6 G3780 [3not G5108 5such G1473 2I G1586 1Did 4choose] G3521 a fast, G3004 says G2962 the lord . G235 But G3089 untie G3956 every G4886 bond G93 of injustice! G1262 Part G4751.3 [2perverseness G972 1violent] G4871.1 of exchanges! G649 Send out G2352 [3 the ones having been devastated G1722 1by G859 2a free release], G2532 and G3956 [2every G4774.1 4writ G94 3unjust G1288 1tear apart]!
  7 G1242.1 Break G3983 [2with ones hungering G3588   G740 1your bread], G1473   G2532 and G4434 [3poor G790.1 2 the homeless G1521 1bring] G1519 into G3588   G3624 your house! G1473   G1437 If G1492 you behold G1131 one naked, G4016 clothe him! G2532 And G575 concerning G3588 the G3609 members of your family G3588   G4690 of your seed, G1473   G3756 you shall not G5247.1 disdain them .
  8 G5119 Then G4486 [2shall be torn through G3588 3the G4406 4morning G3588   G5457 1your light], G1473   G2532 and G3588 the things G2386 for your cures G1473   G5036 quickly G393 shall arise; G2532 and G4313 [2shall go before G1715 3in front of G1473 4you G3588   G1343 1your righteousness], G1473   G2532 and G3588 the G1391 glory G3588   G2316 of God G4057.2 shall screen G1473 you.
  9 G5119 Then G994 you shall yell, G2532 and G3588 the G2962 lord G1522 shall hearken to G1473 you. G2089 Yet while G2980 you are speaking G1473   G2046 he shall say, G2400 Behold, G3918 I am at hand. G1437 If G851 you remove G575 from G1473 yourself G4886 conspiracy, G2532 and G5500.1 stretching forth of the hands, G2532 and G4487 [2discourse G1112 1grumbling];
  10 G2532 and G1325 should give G3983 to ones hungering G3588 the G740 bread G1537 from G5590 your soul, G1473   G2532 and G5590 [2 the soul G5013 3being humble G1705 1should fill up], G5119 then G393 [2shall rise G1722 3in G3588 4the G4655 5darkness G3588   G5457 1your light], G1473   G2532 and G3588   G4655 your darkness G1473   G5613 shall be as G3314 midday.
  11 G2532 And G1510.8.3 [2will be G3588   G2316 1your God] G1473   G3326 with G1473 you G1275 always, G2532 and G1705 you shall be filled up G2509 just as G1937 [2desires G3588   G5590 1your soul]. G1473   G2532 And G3588   G3747 your bones G1473   G4084.1 shall be fattened, G2532 and G1510.8.3 will be G5613 as G2779 [2garden G3184 1a saturated], G2532 and G5613 as G4077 a spring G3739 which G3361 [2failed not G1587   G5204 1water].
  12 G2532 And G3618 [4shall be built G1473 5to you G3588 1the G2048 3desolate places G166 2everlasting], G2532 and G1510.8.3 [4will be G3588   G2310 3foundations G1473 1your G166 2everlasting] G1722 in G1074 generations G1074 of generations; G2532 and G2564 you shall be called G3620.1 a builder G5418 of barriers. G2532 And G3588 the G3037 stones, G3588 the ones G303.1 between G3588   G5147 your roads G1473   G3973 shall cease.
  13 G1437 If G654 you should turn G3588   G4228 your foot G1473   G575 from G3588 the G4521 Sabbaths, G3588   G3361 so as to not G4160 do G3588   G2307 your wants G1473   G1722 on G3588 the G2250 [2day G3588   G39 1holy], G2532 and G2564 shall call G3588 the G4521 Sabbaths G5171.1 delightful, G39 holy G3588 to G2316 your God; G1473   G3756 if you shall not G142 lift G3588   G4228 your foot G1473   G1909 to G2041 work, G3761 nor G2980 shall you speak G3056 a word G1722 in G3709 anger G1537 from out of G3588   G4750 your mouth, G1473  
  14 G2532 then G1510.8.2 shall you be G3982 relying G1909 upon G2962 the lord, G2532 and G307 he will bring G1473 [3upon your G1909   G3588 1the G18 2good things] G3588   G1093 land, G2532 and G5595 he will feed G1473 you G3588 the G2817 inheritance G* of Jacob G3588   G3962 your father. G1473   G3588 For the G1063   G4750 mouth G3588   G2962 of the lord G2980 spoke G3778 these things .